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Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:17

It struck Tatiana as slightly strange to consider her village as part of someone’s geography lesson. Of course, it was a notable location, with what she had been taught was an unusually high concentration of wizards for the amount of space involved, but...well, it wasn’t exactly Moscow, or even her vague idea of Chicago, much less Nadezhda’s stories (surely just fancies for the most part, but still - they were based on a real thing) about New York. She decided not to mention this to Ingrid, though.

“Is beautiful,” she said when asked what it was like. “More than here. Here - everything so plain,” she complained. “Even - people in the village, work-people, even they are not so plain. My home - even our park has more color than these gardens.” She pointed to the door to indicate where she meant. “And dark here! How can it be so warm and so early dark? The first day I think that it is already winter here,” laughed Tatiana. “In summer, sometimes they breakfast before go to bed at home! The one old enough to go parties.”

She followed Ingrid’s diagram of her family well enough and held up her own hands. “Six of us,” she said. “Anna - Sofiya - Grigori - me - Katerina - Alexei. Alexei is baby, though, and Katya and Anya stay on the ground.”

Tatiana grimaced apologetically at Ingrid’s attempt to clarify the sounds in the two words, which were evidently not the same word. “Ee - iii - ih - not good sounds,” she said. “I confuse them.”

She grimaced again at the indication that it was at least possible to discern what she meant with her scribblings. “I want to say tak mnogo bukvy,” she remarked. “But we have more than you - we 33, you 26. Is ‘eye before ee except after see,’ yes?” Which was so confusing, because it made the same sound as ‘k’ and the pointless letter ‘s’, which could just as easily be accounted for by c or z! Or, for that matter, half the time - like in one of the words Ingrid had just taught her - Ч! English was strange.

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    "We learned about it I'm geography lessons growing up. I always thought it sounded interesting. I'd really like to travel more after I graduate," she explained when Tatiana asked whether she knew the ... more
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