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Ben Pierce
Sixth year, guys, whoo!
Tue Jan 23, 2018 12:21

After having spent most of the wagon ride from Boston to Sonora in the company of Tess, Ben gave his girlfriend a parting kiss before heading up to the Pecari guys’ room to do a bit of unpacking and catching up with the roommates before the feast. His bag had arrived faster than he had and his bed was already made up - elves were the best; why his folks didn’t have any was beyond him - so he just flopped down on his mattress and stared at the ceiling for a moment before he got to the unpacking part of his agenda.

“Whoo, sixth year!” He cheered after a moment, “I can finally drop Transfiguration!” Not that it wasn’t useful, but it was hard, and the theory was complex and Skies expected them to understand it, and in most cases there was a charm or potion that could duplicate a similar effect. So Ben was absolutely dropping it. He’d scored mostly Es on his CATS, with the one A in Transfiguration and an O in Charms, so he pretty much had his pick of classes for his Advanced courses. He figured he’d just take three, the recommended minimum, in hopes of actually doing well on the subjects he chose to focus on instead of spreading himself too thin and only doing mediocre in everything.

He sat up again and looked at Kyte, and was uncertain whether his next question ought to be “What classes are you dropping this year?” as it would have been for anyone else he knew in sixth year, or if he ought to ask, “So did you pass enough to not repeat fifth?”

He decided to split the difference and just ask generally, “What all will you be doing this year, classes wise?”

OOC: I think Kyte’s the only one active yet, but if Cameron or Camden want to resurrect themselves and answer, the question is aimed at the room at large, so jump right in!

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        • I am more than fine with thisKyte, Sat Mar 3 18:37
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          • excellent Ben the Hippo, Thu Mar 8 10:26
            “Har Har,” Ben fake laughed at the dig to his own middle name. “And it’s Hippopotamus, not Hypocrite,” he corrected primly, which was untrue, but this was Kyte, who had just said his name was . . .... more
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