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I am 90% both of those things and 100% with the woo
Sun Jan 28, 2018 03:50

Kyte had parted from his twin sister when the wagons dropped them off on much better terms than the previous year. This had nothing to do with a change in Raine's behaviour – she had continued to do as, and who, she pleased over the summer – but Kyte was less concerned about it than he had been before.

He headed up to his dormitory, not out of any sense of duty regarding unpacking - Kyte lived out of a suitcase most of his life, and rarely got around to fully unpacking at any point; once he had used something, he would sometimes then put it in a sensible place within the room, but he would just as likely put it back in his bag out of habit. This did not result in as messy or chaotic a situation as one might have imagined – Kyte was so used to it that he was adept at living out of his case without having to pull everything out to find what he was looking for, and he'd learnt early on that their mother's method of packing was to sweep everything into the nearest bag with her wand and worry about whether it was the right bag later. Thus he ended up keeping far more of his own stuff if he made a reasonable effort to live neatly. It was, perhaps, a good thing that there were also literal laundry elves meaning that effectively dirty clothes did pick themselves up off the floor (or at least seemed to) but on the whole, it was a surprisingly good roommate in terms of not leaving his stuff everywhere, whatever else his failings in terms of polluting their space were (and he did honestly try to keep his smoke out of the windows, and not do it around Ben who seemed kind of edgy about the whole thing).

“Whooo,” he echoed, as Ben stated he'd be able to finally drop Transfiguration. “Me too,” he grinned, not that it was ever likely he would have had the option of keeping it even if he'd wanted to.

“The almighty state, in its infinite wisdom has decreed that I, Kyterton Wilmsey Collindale the Fourth am-” he paused to give a little flourish on an imaginary trumpet because if the occasion warranted spuriously made up full names it definitely also warranted musical accompaniment, “Acceptable at Defence Against the Dark Arts! So, no repeating fifth year, and no getting eaten in my sleep by freaky monsters,” he grinned, holding out his hand for a high five. If there was a requirement that he pass more than one class, he was entirely unaware of it. “Thanks for pulling me through man,” he added. A lot of Defence he was actually pretty good at, because it was common sense stuff, or actual practical life skills that he had learnt travelling around, and when Kyte could see a use for information, it did actually stick. Regardless, he knew Ben had done a lot for him over the years. “I guess you have actual choices?” he asked, without any hint of envy – Ben was smart, and he was glad for him if he'd passed all his exams. He deserved to. “What are you gonna do?”

  • Sixth year, guys, whoo!Ben Pierce, Tue Jan 23 12:21
    After having spent most of the wagon ride from Boston to Sonora in the company of Tess, Ben gave his girlfriend a parting kiss before heading up to the Pecari guys’ room to do a bit of unpacking and... more
    • I am 90% both of those things and 100% with the woo — Kyte, Sun Jan 28 03:50
      • “Kyterton Wilmsey Collindale the Fourth?” Ben repeated in disbelief. He wasn’t completely convinced this was actually Kyte’s name, but if it was . . . Ben might have competition in the Strange Middle ... more
        • I am more than fine with thisKyte, Sat Mar 3 18:37
          “That’s my name, don’t wear it out,” Kyte grinned, when Ben repeated back his recently invented full name. “And you can talk,” he added, in response to Ben’s tone more than his actual words, “What’s... more
          • excellent Ben the Hippo, Thu Mar 8 10:26
            “Har Har,” Ben fake laughed at the dig to his own middle name. “And it’s Hippopotamus, not Hypocrite,” he corrected primly, which was untrue, but this was Kyte, who had just said his name was . . .... more
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