Ben Pierce
Tue Feb 6, 2018 07:07

Ben was a little surprised when Ingrid caught up to him as they were leaving the Hall. They were on the same team and got along well enough, but they didn't really hang out socially at all, but as she held out the badge, he understood. He grinned and accepted. "Saying yes," he confirmed absolutely. While baseball was and always would be his first love in Sports, Quidditch had grown on him over the years and he couldn't imagine turning down the chance to be Ingrid's Assistant Captain this year and Captain in his own right next year.

He pinned it onto his robes, and answered her opening question as they headed back to Pecari's suit of armor. "Feast was good, summer was good. Both involved a fair amount of seeing Tess, and you can't go wrong with that," he said with a grin. "Hope yours went as well?"

Once they reached the commons, Ben saw the sign-up sheet wasn't up yet, but Ingrid was running up the girl's stairs, so he guessed she was going to get it. He settled into one of the comfy brown seats to wait. It didn't take long, and once it was posted, he summoned a quill someone had left on one of the coffee tables and added his name to the bottom of it.

Ben Pierce, 6th Year, AQC and Beater

  • Quiddtich sign ups (and a badge for Ben)Ingrid Wolseithcrafte, Sat Feb 3 08:35
    Ingrid had upgraded her shiny ‘assistant captain’ badge for the captain’s one, and now had her first two duties to execute as said captain. The first was to catch Ben as they left the hall following... more
    • Sign me up!Lily Spencer, Thu Mar 1 15:07
      It was without a doubt that, when the signup sheet showed up on the noticeboard, Lily was in a hurry to sign her name. She’d worked on her penmanship during the summer and had improved drastically.... more
    • Returning for nefarious reasons.Tatiana Vorontsova, Tue Feb 20 12:50
      Tatiana had not, to her disappointment, gotten to play in a Quidditch game last year, and she had felt slightly out of place on the Pecari sidelines as well, bouncing on the ground and clapping her... more
    • Yesss, sign me up!Michael DiCaprio, Sat Feb 17 20:44
      The Welcome Feast was so long and Mikey was so full from it that he was ready to pass out. There were only two people in his year, him and another guy, which was depressing. But at least he would... more
    • Time to flyParker Fitzgerald, Thu Feb 8 21:18
      Parker had now eaten a bit and he felt a bit more of himself. As he walked back into the Pecari Commons he was thinking about what to do this year. Since it appeared there would be no Gardening Club... more
    • Sweet! — Ben Pierce, Tue Feb 6 07:07
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