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Jozua Sparks
Owl to Lily
Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:44

It was after dinner following that first awful day of classes when Jozua finally finished the letter he'd been trying to write since he sparked out at Lily during Charms. It was then just a matter of picking an owl from the owlery and sending it off to her.


That was weird, right? Sorry. After Professor Wright sent me out of the room, he gave me a pass to the library. I did a little research. It's pretty rare, but sometimes anxiety can cause accidental magic to come back during puberty. And since I was still pretty anxious, I skipped the rest of the day's classes and owled the teachers to tell them I wasn't feeling good. Hopefully by tomorrow, I'll be up to facing everyone again without sparking out again all over.

So I figured maybe we ought to sort this out by owl so that'll be one less anxiety that might cause problems. It's a ball year. Do you want to go together? As a date or just friends? I'm okay with either way, or if you want to ask someone else, I guess I'm okay with that, too. Just let me know so I don't have to ask in person and risk more sparking.

Adventure forever,

    • Reply to JozuaLily Spencer, Wed Feb 14 20:17
      There was something odd going on with Jozua and Lily couldn’t stop wondering about it after Charms. She’d never seen something like that before in a grown wizard or witch, but perhaps it was the... more
      • Reply back to LilyJozua, Thu Feb 15 20:39
        As Jozua read over Lily's response, back in his room in Teppenpaw, he wasn't quite sure what to think. A date-date with Lily. That was both really exciting and really terrifying. He was kind of glad... more
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