Hippo Pierce
You’re Whimsy now, and you can only blame yourself for that
Wed Feb 14, 2018 09:45

“Kyterton Wilmsey Collindale the Fourth?” Ben repeated in disbelief. He wasn’t completely convinced this was actually Kyte’s name, but if it was . . . Ben might have competition in the Strange Middle Name event, and whatever other faults his parents had in naming him, at least they hadn’t made him The Fifth Derwent.

Whether or not Kyte was pulling his leg about his full name, Ben did believe he actually pulled an A out of DADA (So did that make it DAD, now? Or DDA?) “All right!” he whooped in congratulations. “You did it!”

“Yeah,” he confirmed that he did have choices. “Like I said, dropping transfig. I got an A there, so I’m not sure Skies would want me anyway.” He thought that might be one of the classes which required an E to continue with them unless you got special permission. “I’m definitely keeping Charms, and probably Creatures because I think Advanced is when they finally get around to dragons. Dragons are cool. And I’m thinking probably potions, because that’s pretty useful, but I’m also considering DADA.”

It occurred to him that if Kyte was taking DADA, he maybe should as well, so they could continue studying together. “What do you think, Whimsy, should I try for four subjects?”

  • Kyte had parted from his twin sister when the wagons dropped them off on much better terms than the previous year. This had nothing to do with a change in Raine's behaviour – she had continued to do... more
    • You’re Whimsy now, and you can only blame yourself for that — Hippo Pierce, Wed Feb 14 09:45
      • I am more than fine with thisKyte, Sat Mar 3 18:37
        “That’s my name, don’t wear it out,” Kyte grinned, when Ben repeated back his recently invented full name. “And you can talk,” he added, in response to Ben’s tone more than his actual words, “What’s... more
        • excellent Ben the Hippo, Thu Mar 8 10:26
          “Har Har,” Ben fake laughed at the dig to his own middle name. “And it’s Hippopotamus, not Hypocrite,” he corrected primly, which was untrue, but this was Kyte, who had just said his name was . . .... more
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