Lily Spencer
Reply to Jozua
Wed Feb 14, 2018 20:17

There was something odd going on with Jozua and Lily couldn’t stop wondering about it after Charms. She’d never seen something like that before in a grown wizard or witch, but perhaps it was the result of nerves. But why would he be nervous? Maybe he’d been thinking about the Charms exam portion on their CATS, or Professor Wright made him nervous. Even though it was strange, Lily still got a little kick out of the situation: a Sparks sparking in the middle of class instead of blowing something up in Potions. It would’ve been a rather good joke, if he’d planned any of it.

The worrying bit was where Professor Wright had sent him since Jozua hadn’t returned after that episode. The entire day he’d missed classes and she didn’t know what had become of him. Wright must have disciplined him somehow – he hadn’t looked very happy about the situation – but how severely did accidental magic in class deserve? During dinner, she tried looking for him, but instead had been surrounded by other house-mates who quickly distracted her.

After dinner, Lily went back to the common room to do some homework and hoped to bump into her best friend. As she sat there, an owl came with a letter for her. She recognised Jozua’s handwriting and quickly opened it. Was he ill? Quarantined? Suspended?

None of those, luckily. Lily read through the note carefully, then read it again. He was putting the decision on her as to the direction of their relationship. She put the letter down and took a moment to think about it. If she told him she wanted to go as a date, he could assume she felt the same way and wanted to become something more romantic. If she told him she wanted to go as friends, she was gently rejecting him again and wanting everything to stay the same. The third option was to simply say, “I’m easy” which returned the decision back to him and made her look indecisive. Lily was never indecisive. So why was this such a difficult choice to make?


I was wondering where you’d gone. I thought he gave you trouble about your accidental magic, but I’m glad he only sent you to the library.

As for the ball, yes let’s go together. I’m fine with either, as long as I don’t have to wear a ball gown. Why don’t we go as dates and see how that goes? Best friends going on one date. And if it’s too awkward, we can forget about it. Doesn’t have to be set in stone, does it?

Adventure forever,

At least there would be some kind of out if the awkwardness became unbearable. The thought of going on a date with Jozua made her stomach knot – that was new. But she wasn’t certain if it was because she was nervous, uncomfortable with her decision or the potato salad she’d eaten wasn’t sitting well with her.

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