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Thu Feb 15, 2018 20:39

As Jozua read over Lily's response, back in his room in Teppenpaw, he wasn't quite sure what to think. A date-date with Lily. That was both really exciting and really terrifying. He was kind of glad to have the room to himself while he worked his way through her answer. She didn't sound too eager, but neither did she sound hesitant about it. He really wasn't sure if this was something she wanted for herself, or if she was just humoring him. Of course, it was Lily, so if she didn't want to do something, she wouldn't do it. Like wearing a ballgown to a ball.


I can't even imagine you in a dress. Wear whatever you like.

He read over her letter again, and he continued, trying to match her casual tone. He didn't want to make her regret her decision or make things awkward like she feared. He had to keep it light-hearted and natural. Lily was going to the ball with him. Cool. They were cool. Best friends, first and foremost and always.

And nothing is set in stone except engraved stone inscriptions. Which this isn't. So, awesome. Let's see how it goes. It'll be fun. Should I wear a top hat?

See you tomorrow,

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