Michael DiCaprio
Yesss, sign me up!
Sat Feb 17, 2018 20:44

The Welcome Feast was so long and Mikey was so full from it that he was ready to pass out. There were only two people in his year, him and another guy, which was depressing. But at least he would have a lot of older classmates to look up to and he could make friends with people outside of his house.

It was hard to pay attention to Professor Carter as she gave them a mini tour to their common room, and it was super cool to see where he'd be living for the next seven years. The suit of armor guarding their entrance and the secrecy were all a nice touch too. Mikey was going to sketch out the layout of the room and send it back to his family to give them an idea of where he lived. They were all curious about it since his dad Patrick had barely stayed at one school for two years before moving while he was growing up and his mom hadn't gone to a traditional magical boarding school. Mikey himself hadn't been super keen on going and being separated from his family, but now he was feeling pretty pumped about it. Maybe more pumped after he got some sleep.

After Prof. Carter let them go, he went up to change into his pj's before racing down the stairs with a sudden thought. He went to check the bulletin board and pumped his fist. "Yes!" Fun, glory, and bruises sounded like a pretty good gig to him. Since he had to quit Denver Quidditch Club for Youths to come to Sonora, he was planning on making Quidditch his life here. It would be even better than learning how to play and scrimmaging with other clubs. There had to be some real intense competition at a school like this and he couldn't wait.

Michael DiCaprio, 1st year, Chaser or Beater

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    • Yesss, sign me up! — Michael DiCaprio, Sat Feb 17 20:44
    • Time to flyParker Fitzgerald, Thu Feb 8 21:18
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      Ben was a little surprised when Ingrid caught up to him as they were leaving the Hall. They were on the same team and got along well enough, but they didn't really hang out socially at all, but as... more
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