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Luke Powell
Making plans [tag: Natalie Atwater]
Wed Mar 14, 2018 13:59

Luke couldn’t wait for midterm. He was so excited to see his new baby sister again. He’d visited his father multiple times over the summer when she was born, but it never seemed enough. He wished his parents could still be together so he could live with his two wonderful sisters, but he didn’t want to lose his father’s wife Alex either.

Luke was also excited about the prospect of seeing Chloe again. The pair of them had developed quite the romance over the summer and he was looking forward to continuing where they had left off. They had kept in touch through letters since but it wasn’t the same and Luke didn’t enjoy it very much. It was nice to know that she was still thinking of him, however, so he kept replying if only to make sure she didn’t replace him. Chloe had moved into his neighbourhood from Australia with her mother and sister and was Will Taylor’s niece, which had at first been a little hard for him to handle as he still missed his departed friend greatly (his tragic death never having left his mind) but Chloe’s charm had soon made him associate her with much happier things.

Despite his feelings for Chloe Taylor, the fourth year had been running through potential ball dates in his mind ever since his strange conversation with Jehan Callahan (whose name he had later found out). He couldn’t tell the kid he already had plans for the ball and then turn up without a date! And besides, he was Luke Powell after all. If there was any excuse to have a pretty girl hanging off his arm, boy would he use it.

After giving it some thought, Luke had decided he was going to go with Natalie Atwater. He hadn’t even considered that she might say no, since she was a society type and he wasn’t, because Luke felt confident that he could get almost anyone to go with him. But he didn’t want just anyone, he wanted Natalie. She was fun and pretty and he thought they could have a nice time together at the ball.

Luke found his fellow Pecari in the common room after dinner one evening and approached her with confidence, throwing himself onto a nearby sofa when he reached her and kicking his feet up on a coffee table. “So… Natalie…” He smiled easily at her. “Want to go to the summer ball with me?” He thought she would like it a lot, but now it was all down to whether she thought she would or not.

    • Agreeing to themNatalie Atwater, Mon Apr 9 18:07
      This year was absolutely wonderful. Okay, weird stuff was happening but not to Natalie and nothing really great had happened to her either. Except...Kelsey wasn't here anymore. And that was enough.... more
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