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Natalie Atwater
Agreeing to them
Mon Apr 9, 2018 18:07

This year was absolutely wonderful. Okay, weird stuff was happening but not to Natalie and nothing really great had happened to her either. Except...Kelsey wasn't here anymore. And that was enough. Enough to make her feel happier, lighter, more free. Like she could be herself more, not that she ever had not been, but like someone wasn't watching over her shoulder ready to say no, don't do that .

Now she could relax . Well sort of, Natalie did have homework still. And it was a pain. The practical stuff was fine but theory was just not interesting. Unfortunately, this particular assignment was Transfig theory. Which made it especially awful and boring. She could understand it with effort. It was just that the Pecari didn't want to put in effort. Her whole life, all the expectations she was to meet-thanks to Kelsey-were effort. She wanted a break .

Honestly, people outside of society didn't really understand the expectations society purebloods had placed on them. Muggleborns and half-bloods looked at them and thought they had it easy because they were at the top but it came with it's own set of challenges. You had to dress a certain way-uniforms made this much easier-and act a certain way. Socialize with certain people. It was a lot to remember and Kelsey made it worse for her and Kira and other girls on both sides of the family. Over the summer she'd overheard her uncle Sebastian tell her eight year old cousin Amelia to be more like Kelsey. It had made Natalie's blood run cold. She had no idea what Amelia had done but to hear her uncle say the words that would ultimately crush Amelia's spirit made her want to vomit. She had done her best after that to find fun things for Amelia to do with her.

Of course, it could be worse, she supposed, thinking of Amity and Chaslyn. And homework was at least something Natalie could do well even if it did bore the crap out of her.

So when Luke threw himself down on a sofa and began to talk to her, she was all too happy to take a break. However, for just a moment, she was confused when the other Pecari brought up the summer ball. The two of them didn't exactly travel in the same circles outside of school so she rather doubted he was going to be at any of the summer balls she would be attending. "Oh, you mean the Midsummer ball here at school." Natalie replied. She considered it for a moment. Her family wouldn't like it but they didn't have to know and anyway, it would be more fun to hang out with Luke there than it would be by herself. "Sure, I'll go with you."

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    • Agreeing to them — Natalie Atwater, Mon Apr 9 18:07
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