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Fabian Brockert
Question (Tag Ingrid)
Fri Jun 15, 2018 16:05

The end of the year was getting closer and Fabian was still rather surprised he'd gotten Head Boy. After all, it wasn't as if he was like, close to anyone and while he was sure he was overall more liked than Dustin, who was still incredibly pompous and basically exhibited all the traits that the Pecari disliked about Kelsey, plus the usual Aladren 'I'm smarter than you' attitude, he'd thought Louis was more popular than him. Especially as these weren't pureblood heavy year groups and the other seventh year seemed to be packaging himself as a big fan of those who weren't. Plus, Louis was a Quidditch player and the sixth years seemed to be a sports oriented bunch. Of course, then the Aladren would generally be their rival.

So Fabian was puzzled but anyway, things were what they were and he couldn't say he was unhappy about it. Especially as he'd beaten two Aladrens. He wasn't generally a smug person, but that had him feeling so. Even though he grudgingly admitted Louis was semi-tolerable.

However, this had meant that he needed to find a date for the ball as he had to do the opening dance. And, in a school where girls usually outnumbered guys, Fabian didn't really didn't have an excuse not to have one even though there was nobody in particular he was interested in. Of course, he, at this point, should probably pick someone proper. And most of the proper girls were related to him, so that was unfortunate.

The solution, though, was simple. Ingrid was proper, at least in the sense of being from the right sort of family. Ingrid wasn't related to him. Ingrid needed someone to dance the opening dance with to. So, he was going to ask her.

He waited until she entered the Pecari common room and approached. "Hey, Ingrid, you want to go to the ball with me?" If she said no, he was screwed.

    • AnswerIngrid Wolseithcrafte, Sat Jun 16 21:22
      Ingrid had been incredibly frustrated by the quarantine. She had been looking forward to seeing Freddie again over the holidays - she was sure her parents would insist on him being invited to their... more
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