Ingrid Wolseithcrafte
Sat Jun 16, 2018 21:22

Ingrid had been incredibly frustrated by the quarantine. She had been looking forward to seeing Freddie again over the holidays - she was sure her parents would insist on him being invited to their coffee morning, and she was getting to attend more and more parties the older she got. But now it would basically be a year between them seeing each other. What if he found a girlfriend in that time? A year was ages. School was boring, and she was so done with it. The best thing it had had going for it was Quidditch, and although she’d continued to train her team, so that they would be ready if things picked up again, it was hard to feel so enthusiastic when she wasn’t going to see any competition.

She was on the way back from the library, having picked up some books for RATS study (another reason she couldn’t wait to be done with school) when Fabian approached her, and asked about the ball. She had no real feelings about who she went with. She probably could have had the most fun with Louis, but only if they weren’t anywhere public. For doing a few staid dances, someone a bit more vanilla and respectable was her best bet. Fabian and Dustin were both fine on that score. Fabian wasn’t bad looking either. If he wanted to sneak off for a little make out time after the prefect dance, she probably wouldn’t mind. Allegedly all the Brockerts were good little girls and boys on that score though. But allegedly, so was she. And they were all teenagers. They all had to want to. She doubted that any of them had any more self-control than each other - they were all just good at hiding it. That was how society worked.

“Sure. Head boy and head girl - makes sense,” she agreed, assuming this was an entirely practical rather than any kind of romantic arrangement. Although if it was a practical arrangement with benefits, then all the better.

  • Question (Tag Ingrid)Fabian Brockert, Fri Jun 15 16:05
    The end of the year was getting closer and Fabian was still rather surprised he'd gotten Head Boy. After all, it wasn't as if he was like, close to anyone and while he was sure he was overall more... more
    • Answer — Ingrid Wolseithcrafte, Sat Jun 16 21:22
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