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Evelyn Stones
Happy faces [Tag roommate]
Sat Aug 4, 2018 22:45

Evelyn listened Professor Carter with some amount of concentration. Certainly she preferred to focus her attention there than on anything else that was gnawing at her mind. Malikhi was still by her side and she appreciated his kindness but Evelyn was so full of questions and doubts that she couldn't even properly appreciate his show of friendship. She couldn't help being a little grateful that they wouldn't be able to visit each other's dorms.

Not having any questions and being utterly exhausted, Evelyn smiled at Malikhi and nodded at the Head of House before extricating herself from the gathered students and making an escape for the girls' dorms. The first-year dorm would be her home for the next year (barring her expulsion or failure), and she resigned herself to getting used to it.

Her trunks were already at her bed, and she dug through them to find her comfiest pajamas, changing as fast as possible. Dorms weren't her favorite place to change her clothes, but at least it wasn't a busy dorm. Which made her realize that it was not, however, an empty dorm.

"I'm Evelyn," she said, acknowledging the other girl. "I love your hair!"

OOC - Physical descriptions from apps are automatically uploaded to your profile, which is where Evelyn's comment about your hair comes from. There are two other Pecari girls listed. This is open to either/both of them to reply.

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    • Happy faces [Tag roommate] — Evelyn Stones, Sat Aug 4 22:45
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