Evelyn Stones
Feelings incoming [Tag Professor Carter]
Fri Aug 10, 2018 17:23

It had been a few days since the start of term and since Evelyn's conversation with Ness in the library. She still wasn't wholly convinced that this was her best course of action, but couldn't think of anything else. If she were an adult, she'd probably want to know about bad things happening to children, so she wasn't too worried that Professor Carter would be upset with her for talking to her, but she was worried that she'd be told she was overreacting or something. In fact, her mind was full of questions as she returned to the Common Room after classes and made her way to Professor Carter's door.

What if she was overreacting? What if she couldn't make herself clear and Professor Carter thought she was lying? What if she could make herself clear and Professor Carter still thought she was lying? What if nothing could be done? Did she even want anything to be done? What would happen if her parents found out she'd gone to somebody about this?

She knocked softly on Professor Carter's door, her heart pounding. After one big breath, she pushed the door open and popped her head in.

"Hello, Professor Carter," she murmured. "I was wondering if you had some time to talk?"

    • Don't worry, I'm prepared for that.Prof. Isis Carter, Mon Aug 13 15:57
      .At the knock on the door, Isis straightened upright. Shed been a bit too slouched to be truly professional, trying to wait out the latest bout of nausea she was feeling. Itd been coming and going... more
      • /me is skeptical.Evelyn Stones, Mon Aug 13 20:48
        It was good that Professor Carter looked friendly, because Evelyn had just about convinced herself to forget the whole thing and leave. As it was, she smiled at the professor and made her way inside... more
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