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Evelyn Stones
/me is skeptical.
Mon Aug 13, 2018 20:48

It was good that Professor Carter looked friendly, because Evelyn had just about convinced herself to forget the whole thing and leave. As it was, she smiled at the professor and made her way inside her office, taking the seat the woman offered. Professor Carter looked woozy, but relaxed, and Evelyn suddenly felt over-dressed in her lime green lipstick. She set the thought aside-- that wasn't the point of coming.

"Sort of," Evelyn replied to the woman's question, although it wasn't really much of an answer. "I've sort of made a friend I think and... well my friend said I should come talk to you. I'm not sure if you know Ness McLeod? Ness said I should talk to an adult if another adult was being mean... if my dad...."

Tears welled in her eyes and she blinked, irritated with herself. These weren't the sort of emotions she liked to demonstrate at all, let alone in front of an adult she didn't even really know at all.

"I didn't know who else to go to," she whimpered. "Ness said that not everybody's dad gets as mad as mine or does mean stuff."

Evelyn tugged nervously at the sleeve that covered her mangled arm, suddenly worried about how bad her tree-climbing scars would look if anyone was concerned about her wellbeing. Of course, it was her father that had refused proper medical care, so maybe they weren't far off.

"It's not like I'm in danger or anything... but I don't know if they'll let me go home... and I don't really want to go home... but like... I dunno. Ness said that some dads are real nice and sometimes my dad's not very nice and I don't want to worry anybody or get anybody in trouble but I just sort of feel like you aren't supposed to hit people, no matter how mad you get but I don't know if it's different because if I did something wrong then maybe it's different if I make him mad and I just don't know what to do but Ness said I should talk to an adult."

She took a big deep breath, realizing she'd been rambling, and then burst into tears.

  • Don't worry, I'm prepared for that.Prof. Isis Carter, Mon Aug 13 15:57
    .At the knock on the door, Isis straightened upright. Shed been a bit too slouched to be truly professional, trying to wait out the latest bout of nausea she was feeling. Itd been coming and going... more
    • /me is skeptical. — Evelyn Stones, Mon Aug 13 20:48
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