Tatiana Vorontsova
Paying good deeds forward (Evelyn).
Mon Aug 27, 2018 13:10

It still lacked a samovar, sadly, and sometimes there were strange people, but Tatiana had become gradually more comfortable with the Pecari common room. She did her homework in her own room, where it was quieter and she could concentrate without the background noise of English, but it was not uncommon for her to sit in the common room to read, when she had time and something she wanted to read.

At the beginning of the year, books to read, at least, were not a problem. She had received several new ones, in her own language, for her birthday in July, and had saved them for school – little portals she could slip back through to catch a glimpse of home when English was just too much – along with bringing other favorites she had already owned along with her. It was one of the new ones she had in her hand this afternoon, but before she could find a comfortable chair at a sufficient remove from the rest of the population, she saw one of the first year girls and paused, remembering how kind Ingrid had been to her in her first year, when she had still felt all overwhelmed and lonely and isolated in a new place.

Putting her book under her arm, she approached the girl. “Hello,” she said. “I can sit?” she asked, pointing to an empty chair. “You are first year, yes? I am Tatiana. Your necklace is pretty.”

The necklace was clearly less valuable than any of Tatiana’s own jewelry, including the string of amber beads, one suspended from the others as a pendant, and several enamel bracelets she was wearing today, but Tatiana made the compliment sincerely. The lipsticks she had observed on the girl were bizarre and intriguing – Mama would never allow Tatiana to even wear lipsticks in a natural color, never mind all that – but at least she was colorful, not drab. Not having money was no reason, in her mind, to be drab.

    • I am the lucky recipient of too much kindness here.Evelyn Stones, Mon Aug 27 13:59
      Evelyn enjoyed her homework. At home, she'd had the chance to read more than she had the chance to do anything else, and so working on her homework at Sonora was a pleasant reprieve from doing all of ... more
      • Too much? Would you like me to cut back?Tatiana Vorontsova, Mon Aug 27 23:45
        Tatiana smiled, pleased, at the compliment on her jewelry. “Thank you very much,” she said, touching the one she was wearing today. Metal clinked against metal as the bracelets on her wrist slid down ... more
        • By no means! I would just like to be deserving of it.Evelyn Stones, Wed Aug 29 22:22
          Evelyn's eyes lit up as Tatiana spoke. "That's incredible!" she announced, admiring the older student in a new way. "You can think of the world with two sets of words and ideas." Evelyn thought it... more
          • You don't seem to have done anything not to deserve it.Tatiana Vorontsova, Thu Aug 30 08:53
            Tatiana was not entirely sure what the first year meant, but she realized it was complimentary and could not help but look pleased. “It is hard,” she admitted of languages. “English is not as good as ... more
            • I'm glad you think so.Evelyn Stones, Thu Aug 30 11:42
              Evelyn was surprised at first to hear that Tatiana thought English was 'not as good as Russian' but then figured she had the right to think that. She also wasn't sure whether she meant the language... more
              • For whatever my opinion's worth.Tatiana Vorontsova, Thu Aug 30 16:26
                Bah, she had gotten the word wrong again. She knew it as soon as she heard Evelyn say the one she had wanted. At least, she thought, she could understand the question and the form within it now…. “Go ... more
                • Quite a lot, I should imagine.Evelyn Stones, Thu Aug 30 21:24
                  "Glaciers!" Evelyn offered, excited. "That's the big ice that stays on the water all the time. I've only seen them in pictures, that must be amazing." And humbling. One reason Evelyn loved the ocean... more
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