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Tatiana Vorontsova
Too much? Would you like me to cut back?
Mon Aug 27, 2018 23:45

Tatiana smiled, pleased, at the compliment on her jewelry. “Thank you very much,” she said, touching the one she was wearing today. Metal clinked against metal as the bracelets on her wrist slid down and collided with each other. The golden edges of her bracelets had a brighter sparkle than the softer sheen of the yellow ovals which comprised her necklace.

Her book was also noticed, and Tatiana offered it for inspection, even though she had understood the other girl saying that she did not read ‘other’ languages and she thought it was safe to assume, based on her speech, that the language she did read was English. “I read Russian, English,” she said, with some pride in her voice. “My sister – she is first year too. She can read Russian, English, and French,” she added with even more pride. She knew Katya had learned some German too but she didn’t think her sister was as strong with that as with her other languages.

Technically, Tatiana could also sort of read French, but she had acquired more of it organically in interacting with Dorian than from books and lessons, like Katya had. Her French was not polished and was often mixed with Russian, English, and even the odd word of Chinese, when she was speaking to Dorian. Katya could read French stories, and while her spoken grammar was not perfect, she could speak it without a lot of dipping into other languages as she went.

“This book is about - dachniki,” she said. “I am sorry, I don’t know English for that. Summer town. Do you go to summer towns?” she asked, having gathered that some people did not. It seemed peculiar to her – at home, even working families had a small dacha, which they rented out throughout the year and visited for their summer holidays; even Anton Petrovich and his daughters had one – but westerners often did.

  • I am the lucky recipient of too much kindness here.Evelyn Stones, Mon Aug 27 13:59
    Evelyn enjoyed her homework. At home, she'd had the chance to read more than she had the chance to do anything else, and so working on her homework at Sonora was a pleasant reprieve from doing all of ... more
    • Too much? Would you like me to cut back? — Tatiana Vorontsova, Mon Aug 27 23:45
      • By no means! I would just like to be deserving of it.Evelyn Stones, Wed Aug 29 22:22
        Evelyn's eyes lit up as Tatiana spoke. "That's incredible!" she announced, admiring the older student in a new way. "You can think of the world with two sets of words and ideas." Evelyn thought it... more
        • You don't seem to have done anything not to deserve it.Tatiana Vorontsova, Thu Aug 30 08:53
          Tatiana was not entirely sure what the first year meant, but she realized it was complimentary and could not help but look pleased. “It is hard,” she admitted of languages. “English is not as good as ... more
          • I'm glad you think so.Evelyn Stones, Thu Aug 30 11:42
            Evelyn was surprised at first to hear that Tatiana thought English was 'not as good as Russian' but then figured she had the right to think that. She also wasn't sure whether she meant the language... more
            • For whatever my opinion's worth.Tatiana Vorontsova, Thu Aug 30 16:26
              Bah, she had gotten the word wrong again. She knew it as soon as she heard Evelyn say the one she had wanted. At least, she thought, she could understand the question and the form within it now…. “Go ... more
              • Quite a lot, I should imagine.Evelyn Stones, Thu Aug 30 21:24
                "Glaciers!" Evelyn offered, excited. "That's the big ice that stays on the water all the time. I've only seen them in pictures, that must be amazing." And humbling. One reason Evelyn loved the ocean... more
                • I imagine there are those who would disagree.Tatiana Vorontsova, Sun Sep 9 19:38
                  “Glash-sheer,” repeated Tatiana, committing the new word to memory when Evelyn provided the specific term for the big ice in English. “We say lednik . Thank you.” She was pleased to hear that Katya... more
                  • Then they are not important.Evelyn Stones, Mon Sep 10 01:05
                    Evelyn listened with a sort of silent awe as Tatiana spoke of her sister. That she used a nickname, Katya, was surprising enough, but that she spoke of her so kindly really got to Evelyn. She tried... more
                    • That's a bit of a broad statement.Tatiana Vorontsova, Mon Sep 10 18:17
                      Are you two close? Tatiana was more or less accustomed to the times when two words sounded or looked the same but meant nothing like the same thing in English, but sometimes individual words still... more
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