Malikhi Hill
Oh, is it my birthday? I hadn't realised.
Sat Sep 8, 2018 18:43

When Malikhi woke on the morning of his birthday, he was not filled with the positive feelings that he should've been. Instead, he would've much rather preferred to stay in his bed and ignore the day altogether but a grumble in his stomach told him that such a thing wouldn't be possible unless he wanted to starve.

The truth was, he was feeling massively homesick. He had never spent any birthday away from his parents, both of them always being there to celebrate the day with him. His mother would wake him up with the birthday song and carrying a tray for breakfast in bed, which was typically cake - the only time his mother let him get away with eating something dessert-like. After breakfast and getting dressed, Malikhi would bound down the stairs and his father would greet him with a hug and a smile and then the three of them as a family would do something together.

To spend his birthday at Sonora, without his family surrounding him, felt very strange.

So, tired from not having slept well due to his homesickness, he stumbled his way down the stairs and was very confused when he saw Evelyn, wearing a lot of blue, who then greeted him with a hug and a wide grin. He couldn't put two and two together as to why she was still in the common room and not downstairs for breakfast but he wasn't complaining - he liked it when Evelyn hugged him.

Instead of leaving the common room to proceed to Cascade Hall for breakfast, she was pulling him over to one of the sofas and askng him about wishes. His face twisted in confusion. At the moment, his only wish was for some kind of food. Malikhi didn't really feel human until he'd eaten and he wanted nothing more than some hot buttered toast and strawberry jam. However, that didn't seem to be the kind of wish that Evelyn was looking for. She'd specifically said birthday wish which seemed to make it sound extra special and, through his foggy and sleep-addled mind, he thought of something that he absolutely, definitely wanted to come true.

I wish Linney to be in my life forever...

He thought about this hard, putting all his feelings into it before nodding firmly at Evelyn. "I've got my wish. What's next?"

  • Happy Birthday, Malikhi! [Tag: Malikhi (of course)]Evelyn Stones, Sat Sep 8 15:13
    Evelyn was probably more excited for Malikhi's birthday than he was. All the tension of the past month or so was weighing heavily on Evelyn's shoulders and birthdays were always the best sorts of... more
    • Oh, is it my birthday? I hadn't realised. — Malikhi Hill, Sat Sep 8 18:43
      • Your birthday is a very important day!Evelyn Stones, Sat Sep 8 20:52
        Evelyn grinned, deciding that his question was a challenge. He still looked a bit out of it and she was sure he wasn't in the proper birthday mindset just yet. "Now we see if we can make it come... more
        • Okay doke, if you say so. Malikhi Hill, Sat Sep 8 21:12
          Malikhi wasn't entirely sure how Evelyn was going to make his wish come true, especially when she didn't even know what it was. He thought for a moment about telling her, thinking that it might make... more
          • I do!Evelyn Stones, Sat Sep 8 21:36
            Evelyn didn't realize she'd been holding her breath until she let out in a relived smile. "Good," she responded. "Except today is your birthday so really that makes me all yours," she laughed. Sonora ... more
            • That's good then. Malikhi Hill, Sat Sep 8 22:19
              Malikhi found that he couldn't quite cheer himself up, despite the fact that he was spending time with Evelyn who he liked very, very much. If it had been any other day, he would've more than likely... more
              • I want to make today perfect for you.Evelyn Stones, Sun Sep 9 11:49
                Evelyn's eyes widened in surprise. It seemed that Malikhi did indeed want her company, he just didn't want to have a birthday at all right now. Evelyn could understand that to some extent, and she... more
                • Thank you. That means a lot. Malikhi Hill, Sun Sep 9 12:43
                  Evelyn's hug was a comfort as was her rubbing his back. It was an action that reminded him of something his mother did when he was upset and while it made him miss her more, it also soothed him and,... more
                  • YOU mean a lot!!Evelyn Stones, Sun Sep 9 14:42
                    Evelyn couldn't help laughing as she watched Malikhi load himself up with breakfast foods that could only really be called treats. She herself went for the sausages she'd noticed before, and she... more
                    • You mean a lot to me. Malikhi Hill, Sun Sep 9 18:57
                      The Pecari common room was warm when they returned, a welcome contrast to the cooler weather outside. After setting his horde of food down on a nearby table, he immediately flopped onto one of the... more
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