Evelyn Stones
Your birthday is a very important day!
Sat Sep 8, 2018 20:52 (XFF:

Evelyn grinned, deciding that his question was a challenge. He still looked a bit out of it and she was sure he wasn't in the proper birthday mindset just yet.

"Now we see if we can make it come true. Hold onto it, okay?" she smiled.

Her mind was racing, thinking of possible pranks, outdoor adventures, and lots of food. She wanted today to be a special day for Malikhi, not just for her. This was the first birthday she'd ever gotten to celebrate with a friend and she was eager to make it a perfect day. Of course, her standards for a special birthday were pretty low, but Malikhi deserved them all.

"Let's do this thing," she said. "Breakfast first and then the adventures shall begin."

She grabbed his hand and stood up, pulling him to his feet and hugging him again.

"I'm so glad you're my friend, Kai. So today is special, because you were born on it," she said before pulling away and looking him in the face. "And I know you're also probably homesick so if at any point during our adventures, you'd prefer to just come back here and be a slug, that's fine, too. Just let me know."

Her face was only serious for a moment before a grin broke out again and she was pulling them both towards the Common Room exit. Birthday breakfasts were very important and adventuring required adequate sustenance.

"Is there anyone else you want to recruit for our adventures? I don't want to hijack your day if you have plans," Evelyn said as they walked. She was...nervous. And surprised at being nervous. Spending the day adventuring with Malikhi seemed like nearly a perfect day and being with him was easy and natural. So why was she so nervous? Why did she care so much if he had other plans? She felt tense as she waited for his answer and was surprised at how desperately she hoped he didn't have anybody else in mind.

  • Oh, is it my birthday? I hadn't realised. Malikhi Hill, Sat Sep 8 18:43
    When Malikhi woke on the morning of his birthday, he was not filled with the positive feelings that he should've been. Instead, he would've much rather preferred to stay in his bed and ignore the day ... more
    • Your birthday is a very important day! — Evelyn Stones, Sat Sep 8 20:52
      • Okay doke, if you say so. Malikhi Hill, Sat Sep 8 21:12
        Malikhi wasn't entirely sure how Evelyn was going to make his wish come true, especially when she didn't even know what it was. He thought for a moment about telling her, thinking that it might make... more
        • I do!Evelyn Stones, Sat Sep 8 21:36
          Evelyn didn't realize she'd been holding her breath until she let out in a relived smile. "Good," she responded. "Except today is your birthday so really that makes me all yours," she laughed. Sonora ... more
          • That's good then. Malikhi Hill, Sat Sep 8 22:19
            Malikhi found that he couldn't quite cheer himself up, despite the fact that he was spending time with Evelyn who he liked very, very much. If it had been any other day, he would've more than likely... more
            • I want to make today perfect for you.Evelyn Stones, Sun Sep 9 11:49
              Evelyn's eyes widened in surprise. It seemed that Malikhi did indeed want her company, he just didn't want to have a birthday at all right now. Evelyn could understand that to some extent, and she... more
              • Thank you. That means a lot. Malikhi Hill, Sun Sep 9 12:43
                Evelyn's hug was a comfort as was her rubbing his back. It was an action that reminded him of something his mother did when he was upset and while it made him miss her more, it also soothed him and,... more
                • YOU mean a lot!!Evelyn Stones, Sun Sep 9 14:42
                  Evelyn couldn't help laughing as she watched Malikhi load himself up with breakfast foods that could only really be called treats. She herself went for the sausages she'd noticed before, and she... more
                  • You mean a lot to me. Malikhi Hill, Sun Sep 9 18:57
                    The Pecari common room was warm when they returned, a welcome contrast to the cooler weather outside. After setting his horde of food down on a nearby table, he immediately flopped onto one of the... more
                    • Well, then.Evelyn Stones, Mon Sep 10 00:40
                      Evelyn cocked her head, a curious smile asking all the questions she wouldn't dare put words to. Instead, she just chuckled and took a chomp out of the waffle as she could, letting Malikhi hold it up ... more
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