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Sat Sep 8, 2018 21:36 (XFF:

Evelyn didn't realize she'd been holding her breath until she let out in a relived smile. "Good," she responded. "Except today is your birthday so really that makes me all yours," she laughed.

Sonora was incredible. Sonora was always incredible, Evelyn supposed, but she only really noticed it when special things were happening inside it. Like the celebration of a dear friend's birth, or finding out that someone she cared about was satisfied with just her own company. She silently chastised herself for being so selfish, but figured that if that was what the birthday boy wanted, then it couldn't really be that selfish of her.

"We have some options," she said as they made their way through the Gardens and into the entrance hall. "We can spend some time exploring the grounds and I can teach you how to properly climb a tree, we can see about getting some brooms and flying around the Pitch, we can see if Professor Brooding might let us practice something disgusting in her classrooms although I'm not sure where the Professors even go on their days off. We could..." she drew the word out as she thought. "We could just lay in the grass and enjoy the sunshine. We can do whatever you'd like. We can go back up to the Common Room with as much food as we can carry and just hangout, watch the world go by, and chat. Whatever you'd like!"

As they pushed open the door to Cascade Hall, Evelyn was pleased to see that breakfast was extra warm and delicious looking. A plate of breakfast sausages and fried eggs particularly caught her attention, but she noticed with some glee that there was also a plate of coffee cake, chocolate cake, and various others. She wondered if the Prairie Elves somehow knew to provide a birthday meal or if there was always cake for breakfast and Evelyn just hadn't noticed before.

She smiled at Malikhi and was sad to see that he didn't look half as excited as she was. Her throat tightened and she wondered if she'd done something wrong or if he was simply feeling down. Maybe he just wasn't awake yet. Her demeanor chilled instantly and she did her best to treat the day like a normal day; maybe he just wasn't up for a birthday away from home.

Hesitation overcame her and she didn't ask what was wrong. Maybe he didn't want to talk about it. But shouldn't he? Evelyn felt another wave of guilt in realizing that he probably didn't want to be friends with someone who was too messed up to make for much of a friend anyway. She'd wasted his time and now he didn't have anyone else to spend his birthday with so he was spending it with her instead. She frowned to herself. But he had said he wanted to spend his birthday with her, right? Maybe she misunderstood him.

She stopped dead in the entrance to Cascade Hall. "What do you want right now?" she asked, searching his face for some sign that she wasn't crazy. Or maybe it would be better if she was. She certainly didn't want to be right.

(OOC: Malikhi's blues described by his author.)

  • Okay doke, if you say so. Malikhi Hill, Sat Sep 8 21:12
    Malikhi wasn't entirely sure how Evelyn was going to make his wish come true, especially when she didn't even know what it was. He thought for a moment about telling her, thinking that it might make... more
    • I do! — Evelyn Stones, Sat Sep 8 21:36
      • That's good then. Malikhi Hill, Sat Sep 8 22:19
        Malikhi found that he couldn't quite cheer himself up, despite the fact that he was spending time with Evelyn who he liked very, very much. If it had been any other day, he would've more than likely... more
        • I want to make today perfect for you.Evelyn Stones, Sun Sep 9 11:49
          Evelyn's eyes widened in surprise. It seemed that Malikhi did indeed want her company, he just didn't want to have a birthday at all right now. Evelyn could understand that to some extent, and she... more
          • Thank you. That means a lot. Malikhi Hill, Sun Sep 9 12:43
            Evelyn's hug was a comfort as was her rubbing his back. It was an action that reminded him of something his mother did when he was upset and while it made him miss her more, it also soothed him and,... more
            • YOU mean a lot!!Evelyn Stones, Sun Sep 9 14:42
              Evelyn couldn't help laughing as she watched Malikhi load himself up with breakfast foods that could only really be called treats. She herself went for the sausages she'd noticed before, and she... more
              • You mean a lot to me. Malikhi Hill, Sun Sep 9 18:57
                The Pecari common room was warm when they returned, a welcome contrast to the cooler weather outside. After setting his horde of food down on a nearby table, he immediately flopped onto one of the... more
                • Well, then.Evelyn Stones, Mon Sep 10 00:40
                  Evelyn cocked her head, a curious smile asking all the questions she wouldn't dare put words to. Instead, she just chuckled and took a chomp out of the waffle as she could, letting Malikhi hold it up ... more
                  • Now what?Malikhi Hill, Mon Sep 10 00:56
                    Evelyn's blankets were as warm and as cozy as they looked and Malikhi felt swaddled in warmth as he wrapped one around his shoulders. He was a little disappointed that she wasn't sitting closer to... more
                    • Now we hibernate.Evelyn Stones, Mon Sep 10 01:14
                      Evelyn only had time to be mortified for half a second when Malikhi started laughing and she found herself drawn into the sound. It was almost impossible to be focused on any negative feeling when... more
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