Malikhi Hill
That's good then.
Sat Sep 8, 2018 22:19

Malikhi found that he couldn't quite cheer himself up, despite the fact that he was spending time with Evelyn who he liked very, very much. If it had been any other day, he would've more than likely been practically bouncing up and down with excitement at having Evelyn all to himself. Today, though, his first birthday away from home. He knew his Mum and Dad were sending him presents and he was waiting for an owl to appear for him and it would be nice but it wouldn't be the same as opening his presents with them.

When she asked him what he wanted in that moment, his could feel his eyes stinging as tears welled up in them. Here he was, moping, when Evelyn was trying her absolute best to make him happy on his birthday. He was a horrible, ungrateful friend. He sniffed and reached for her, pulling her in for a hug. He needed to feel close to someone and that someone was Evelyn. His Linney. His Linney who was so caring and considerate and wonderful and lovely.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled into her shoulder, clutching her tight. He repeated it again, feeling positively awful before pulling away from her and wiping at his eyes.

"On my birthday, I would spend all day with my Mum and Dad. It was all about me and what I wanted to do and it didn't matter what it was I asked for, they'd do it even if they hated it. I've never had a birthday away from them," he told her as they walked to the Pecari table. He found, then, in the room full of people eating breakfast that Cascade Hall just seemed far too loud and not something he particularly wanted to be absorbed in. He turned to Evelyn, his eyes still shining from the tears they'd held.

"Do you mind if we just stay in the common room today?" he asked her. "With food?"

  • I do!Evelyn Stones, Sat Sep 8 21:36
    Evelyn didn't realize she'd been holding her breath until she let out in a relived smile. "Good," she responded. "Except today is your birthday so really that makes me all yours," she laughed. Sonora ... more
    • That's good then. — Malikhi Hill, Sat Sep 8 22:19
      • I want to make today perfect for you.Evelyn Stones, Sun Sep 9 11:49
        Evelyn's eyes widened in surprise. It seemed that Malikhi did indeed want her company, he just didn't want to have a birthday at all right now. Evelyn could understand that to some extent, and she... more
        • Thank you. That means a lot. Malikhi Hill, Sun Sep 9 12:43
          Evelyn's hug was a comfort as was her rubbing his back. It was an action that reminded him of something his mother did when he was upset and while it made him miss her more, it also soothed him and,... more
          • YOU mean a lot!!Evelyn Stones, Sun Sep 9 14:42
            Evelyn couldn't help laughing as she watched Malikhi load himself up with breakfast foods that could only really be called treats. She herself went for the sausages she'd noticed before, and she... more
            • You mean a lot to me. Malikhi Hill, Sun Sep 9 18:57
              The Pecari common room was warm when they returned, a welcome contrast to the cooler weather outside. After setting his horde of food down on a nearby table, he immediately flopped onto one of the... more
              • Well, then.Evelyn Stones, Mon Sep 10 00:40
                Evelyn cocked her head, a curious smile asking all the questions she wouldn't dare put words to. Instead, she just chuckled and took a chomp out of the waffle as she could, letting Malikhi hold it up ... more
                • Now what?Malikhi Hill, Mon Sep 10 00:56
                  Evelyn's blankets were as warm and as cozy as they looked and Malikhi felt swaddled in warmth as he wrapped one around his shoulders. He was a little disappointed that she wasn't sitting closer to... more
                  • Now we hibernate.Evelyn Stones, Mon Sep 10 01:14
                    Evelyn only had time to be mortified for half a second when Malikhi started laughing and she found herself drawn into the sound. It was almost impossible to be focused on any negative feeling when... more
                    • Can I hibernate cuddling you?Malikhi Hill, Tue Sep 11 13:12
                      Malikhi grinned widely at Evelyn and reached for the plate of waffles - going about offering them to her far more sensibly than she'd given him the sausages. He let her take however many she wanted... more
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