Malikhi Hill
You mean a lot to me.
Sun Sep 9, 2018 18:57

The Pecari common room was warm when they returned, a welcome contrast to the cooler weather outside. After setting his horde of food down on a nearby table, he immediately flopped onto one of the comfortable, squashy brown sofas. It was near to the fire that was burning merrily away in the hearth and Malikhi pulled his knees up to his chest, enjoying the warmth that was over his body.

He'd left plenty of room on the sofa for Evelyn, a silent message that he wanted her to sit next to him. She'd mentioned something about blankets and he had a sort of hope that they'd share the same one and, possibly, cuddle under it. Malikhi wanted to feel warmth and a comforting presence and today, that would be found within Evelyn. He absolutely didn't want to be left alone.

He discovered that fact when Evelyn disappeared up to the girl's dormitory to fetch the aforementioned blankets. For the brief moments that he was alone, Malikhi felt very cold and very sad. He knew that it was probably stupid to feel that way. He'd known since coming to Sonora that his birthday would be spent without his parents and had had a lot of time to process that fact. Still, now that the day was actually upon him, he found that he hadn't been prepared for the feelings of loneliness and homesickness that it would bring.

"I shouldn't feel like this on my birthday," he grumbled to himself, frowning before reaching for a waffle and biting into it with some frustration. "Pull yourself together, Malikhi. That's what Dad would say."

These thoughts didn't make him feel better and he was still frowning when Evelyn returned, her arms full with brightly coloured knitted blankets. He cheered up slightly at the sight of her and he had to admit that the blankets looked wonderfully warm. They would be perfect for cuddling under.

He blinked.

He was getting far too ahead of himself.

To distract from those thoughts, he held up a waffle to Evelyn. "Want one?"

  • YOU mean a lot!!Evelyn Stones, Sun Sep 9 14:42
    Evelyn couldn't help laughing as she watched Malikhi load himself up with breakfast foods that could only really be called treats. She herself went for the sausages she'd noticed before, and she... more
    • You mean a lot to me. — Malikhi Hill, Sun Sep 9 18:57
      • Well, then.Evelyn Stones, Mon Sep 10 00:40
        Evelyn cocked her head, a curious smile asking all the questions she wouldn't dare put words to. Instead, she just chuckled and took a chomp out of the waffle as she could, letting Malikhi hold it up ... more
        • Now what?Malikhi Hill, Mon Sep 10 00:56
          Evelyn's blankets were as warm and as cozy as they looked and Malikhi felt swaddled in warmth as he wrapped one around his shoulders. He was a little disappointed that she wasn't sitting closer to... more
          • Now we hibernate.Evelyn Stones, Mon Sep 10 01:14
            Evelyn only had time to be mortified for half a second when Malikhi started laughing and she found herself drawn into the sound. It was almost impossible to be focused on any negative feeling when... more
            • Can I hibernate cuddling you?Malikhi Hill, Tue Sep 11 13:12
              Malikhi grinned widely at Evelyn and reached for the plate of waffles - going about offering them to her far more sensibly than she'd given him the sausages. He let her take however many she wanted... more
              • Maaaaybe........Evelyn Stones, Wed Sep 12 01:30
                "If you win... you get my necklace!" she decided, pulling a leather cord out of the front of her robes. A carved wooden pendant featured the "om" symbol and she held it out for Malikhi to see. "It... more
                • That maybe could become a yes!Malikhi Hill, Sat Sep 15 11:40
                  It wasn't a hug and he didn't really understand her explanation but she mentioned something about her 'Pinguism' as he'd taken to calling it in his head but he smiled, accepting it as the stake. It... more
                  • I love your optimism.Evelyn Stones, Wed Sep 26 01:25
                    Evelyn laughed softly, nodding in acceptance of his offer. She was glad she knew Malikhi as well as she did because she certainly thought her necklace was worth more than a plate of chocolate. But... more
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