Evelyn Stones
Then they are not important.
Mon Sep 10, 2018 01:05

Evelyn listened with a sort of silent awe as Tatiana spoke of her sister. That she used a nickname, Katya, was surprising enough, but that she spoke of her so kindly really got to Evelyn. She tried to ignore the jealousy that bubbled in her stomach as she wondered how different her life would've been if she'd had a loving big sister. But that was selfish and she knew that wasn't a good thing to be.

"Are you two close?" Evelyn asked, hoping that she could at least learn a little bit about what family looked like to other people. "Like do you get along well?"

What would it be like to have a friend at home all the time? Someone she could hang out with and play with and just... be with. She wouldn't have to be alone, that's for sure. But maybe it would be worse. What if she had a sister who was amazing and talented and Evelyn was still just...Evelyn? Or worse, what if her sister was just like her and then there were two of them at home being miserable and wishing they could fly away? Evelyn shook her head, sickened by the idea.

"I can't imagine having a sister," she admitted, wrinkling her nose. "My house already feels very full with just me and my parents."

  • I imagine there are those who would disagree.Tatiana Vorontsova, Sun Sep 9 19:38
    “Glash-sheer,” repeated Tatiana, committing the new word to memory when Evelyn provided the specific term for the big ice in English. “We say lednik . Thank you.” She was pleased to hear that Katya... more
    • Then they are not important. — Evelyn Stones, Mon Sep 10 01:05
      • That's a bit of a broad statement.Tatiana Vorontsova, Mon Sep 10 18:17
        Are you two close? Tatiana was more or less accustomed to the times when two words sounded or looked the same but meant nothing like the same thing in English, but sometimes individual words still... more
        • We decide who matters, might as well throw a wide net.Evelyn Stones, Wed Sep 12 01:40
          Evelyn thought Tatiana's face was particularly interesting to watch. It wasn't that the older Pecari was necessarily transparent, but she certainly wasn't hard to read either. Evelyn wondered what... more
          • Over those who do count or those who don't?Tatiana Vorontsova, Wed Sep 12 17:56
            Tatiana shrugged, not sure what to make of the question about her parents. She knew she understood all the words in the sentence, that wasn’t the problem, it was just…She didn’t know exactly what it... more
            • Both, I think.Evelyn Stones, Fri Sep 21 15:09
              Evelyn wasn't sure what she thought of Tatiana's explanation. It seemed odd to have to visit a parent, and she wasn't sure if Tatiana's idea of 'party' was quite the same as her own. Tatiana herself... more
              • That works.Tatiana Vorontsova, Mon Sep 24 16:19
                Tatiana thought she understood the gist of Evelyn’s problem, though the philosophical angle was one she’d find it difficult to discuss even in her own language. In English…she had no idea if she... more
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