Luke Powell
Hello it's me again [tag: Natalie Atwater]
Sat Nov 24, 2018 17:07

Luke liked girls and he had never seen any reason to hide it. Generally his experiences with girls over the years had been positive and any regrets would be about not putting himself out there enough, rather than the other way around. He was confident enough in his appeal to the fairer sex that it would take more than a rejection to dishearten him.

Even at Sonora, where he was surrounded by so many girls who had funny ideas about propriety and marrying society gentlemen, he could still find fun with them. Luke considered himself to be a gentleman anyway, just of a different kind. Although he hadn't spent his childhood attending fancy balls and obsessing over exaggerated etiquette, Luke believed that his mother had instilled in him all the important values a young man should have, including how one should treat girls with respect and courtesy.

And besides, in Luke's potentially biased opinion, pretty society girls secretly loved the idea of a guy who was different, exciting even, compared to the boring stuffy blokes that they were expected to mix with. Taking his cues from the older men at home, Luke was pretty sure his surfing and athleticism were bound to attract most girls.

It was perhaps questionable that Luke should spend so much time admiring the girls in his class when he technically had a girlfriend back at home, but it was difficult to take the relationship too seriously when they spent so much of the year apart. Luke was very fond of Chloe and would definitely never do anything that he considered unfaithful, but that didn't mean he was prepared to suddenly switch off all awareness to the rest of the female population. He was flirtatious by nature but his intentions were honourable.

One particular girl who had taken his attention at school was Natalie Atwater. Being in his year and house, Luke had considered her a friend from early on but even at the beginning of their time at Sonora he hadn’t failed to notice her good looks. No doubt her pretty face, which only seemed to grow prettier as each year went by, had influenced his decision to ask her to attend the midsummer ball with him the previous year. Physical appearance was clearly an important factor when it came to Luke’s interest in the opposite sex, although he would challenge anyone who denied thinking the same way, because didn’t physical attraction effect everyone? However, being pretty didn’t necessarily equal great company and Luke definitely enjoyed Natalie’s company. He was not that shallow and friendships required a lot more than liking what was on the surface of a person. That being said, Luke hoped Natalie considered him as both a friend and a handsome face. The latter was harder to tell when it came to society girls, who were taught to be a lot less revealing about their feelings than the girls Luke was used to, particularly if those feelings regarded someone they deemed inappropriate.

Luke’s view was that a lot of the kids at Sonora needed to loosen up and stop worrying so much about what was appropriate and what wasn’t. He was by no means immature for his age but did find it a little ridiculous how keen many of his classmates appeared to be to grow up. Perhaps it was therefore his job as a self-proclaimed “enlightened” student to help his uptight peers enjoy themselves. For now, however, he would focus on Natalie. Not that Natalie was among those that he considered uptight, but she had just entered the common room and chatting to her seemed far more preferable to reading through the books in front of him.

“Natalie!” Luke called across to her, giving her a wave and leaning back in his chair so the front two legs left the ground. “Come and distract me from my work, would you?” He asked with a grin. The Pecari could have asked his classmate to actually help him complete the homework but despite only having just sat down to do it, he much preferred the idea of a break.

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