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Mon Dec 10, 2018 00:55

Natalie had had just about enough of studying for CATS. Honestly, she was at the point where she was going to just put her effort into the three subjects she was planning on keeping, Transfiguration, Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts. Why put forth more effort into subjects she had no intention of keeping than it took to get an A on the exam? Her parents had expectations of her but they didn't extend to her studies, thank Merlin.

Well, at least not in the sense that they had to be perfect. After all, Natalie was pressured to be like Kelsey and Kelsey, while having done quite well in school, did not have perfect grades. Besides, Mother and Father had seen first hand that sort of pressure had had on Amity and Chaslyn and the former's relationship with her mother. They did not want Natalie to hate them or to have a nervous breakdown, after all.

If only they-Father in particular-didn't put pressure on her in every other area. It was like, because Kelsey could do something, Natalie was expected to do it too. And just as well. It was so not fair. It could be worse, but it was still so not fair.

At least, they hadn't been on her case much over midterm and ruined her holidays. Of course, this was likely because Kelsey was the center of attention, having announced her betrothal to Malcolm Livingston the Fifth (or was it Fourth? Sixth maybe? Something like that) Malcolm was just like every other guy who had sought her sister out. Incredibly boring and uptight and perfectly well-suited to Kelsey.

Of course, this rather took attention away from Kira's own wedding plans and the Pecari was annoyed on her cousin's behalf. Her sister was always doing this. She just never let Kira have anything. However, at least the slightly younger had been engaged first and had a fiance that truly loved her whereas Natalie doubted Malcolm was in love with Kelsey-the fact that someone would be was a baffling thought- and was pretty sure that her sister didn't love him. Her sister was hardly concerned with such things, after all.

Another thing that rather irritated the crap out of the fifth year was that now that her sister had chosen a betrothed, some of the, well, losers-she couldn't think of another way to put it-were trying to go after Natalie as consolation prize. She had zero interest in marrying anyone that would have been suitable for her sister since they were all painfully dull. She couldn't imagine they were interested in marrying her either. Natalie wasn't her sister, they had nothing in common.

Plus, she didn't like the idea of being a consolation prize. The Pecari wanted someone who genuninely liked her and that she liked back. Someone who was interesting and exciting and most importantly, knew how to have fun, a concept Kelsey had never understood. Yes, Natalie knew that people liked different things and thought different things were fun but Kelsey didn't seem to be into anything for the sake of enjoyment.

And speaking of enjoyable and fun, she heard Luke's voice call out to her as she entered the common room. She approached her friend. " Hey, yes, yes I'd love to distract you from your work! It'll distract me from mine." Natalie sat down next to him. "I swear I don't even want to see a cat for a very long time. Or a book either."

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