Lily Spencer
Attention: Concert Meeting Here.
Fri Feb 1, 2019 10:16

Organising an entire concert performance was daunting, and Lily hadn’t the energy to think of anything particularly spectacular. She was still readjusting to a life that was now partly desolate after the dog-of-her-life had died. Everything seemed meaningless at the moment, even this meeting, but she had her duties. It was a lot to manage – courses, feelings and duties – especially since they had their RATS exams at the end of this year. However, she had dropped many of her classes, so perhaps she was the optimal member of the house to plan their act. Bugger it, she thought.

Lily was proud, however, of how organised she was in bringing everyone together. She chose a date and time and sent out notes to her fellow Prefects to invite them personally to attend the meeting. She had also pinned a notice to the noticeboard in the common room that advertised an open invitation for anyone interested in participating in the concert to join the meeting. The day before, she’d reminded the house-mates she passed to join the meeting, whether they expressed interest or not. She didn’t believe her house would suffer from lack of participation – at least, she hoped. It was good Jozua wasn’t a Prefect as well – the stress of it was enough for just one of them to handle.

It was Saturday afternoon, so she was dressed casually in joggers and a T-shirt. It would be an informal meeting. She situated herself on the couch in the common room with a notepad and an enchanted quill in hand. Once she told it to, it would jot down everything that was said. It would be much easier than designating someone to be the recorder. Knowing her house-mates, no one would be particularly keen on a boring job like that.

Once it seemed like everyone who was planning to come had arrived, Lily stood up in front of the group. Being on the shorter end of her age, sometimes being around her taller peers made her feel more self-conscious of it.

“Thank you all for coming. Hope we all had a fantastic holiday,” said the English witch. “So, as you all know, we’ve got a concert act to plan. Any ideas to start? Please raise your hand and I’ll call on you.” The enchanted quill was poised at the ready near her.

OOC: If you want to share an idea, you can assume Lily called on you.

    • I'm here!Evelyn Stones, Fri Feb 1 14:10
      It probably surprised precisely no people at all that Evelyn Stones was looking to participate in campus events this year. She was known for it, if the yearbook was anything to by, and she had no... more
      • That's one.Lily Spencer, Tue Feb 5 16:02
        Of course there would be confusion under her leadership. It just showed she was no good at it. Lily had never been much of a leader in this sense, really, and she tried not to take it personally. It... more
        • und mehr, aber DeutscheHilda Hexenmeister, Wed Feb 6 19:56
          Hilda had trouble with English. She especially had trouble with English in Pecari, because her brother was an Aladren and Johana Leonie was a Teppenpaw and they were the people most able to help her... more
          • Whatever she said, me too!Isaac Song, Sun Feb 10 17:28
            Isaac was practically bursting with ideas for the concert. He was excited to put on a performance with the rest of his house. Pecari was the best, and that meant they would put on the best show.... more
            • I'm Always Game for a GameParker Fitzgerald, Tue Apr 2 13:50
              Parker was in his garden clothes hanging out in the common room when Isaac came downstairs. Grass stained jeans and a long sleeve shirt that the dirt just wouldn't get out, didn't compare to Isaac's... more
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