Evelyn Stones
On an Autumn day (Tag Malikhi)
Mon Feb 25, 2019 15:25

Sitting upside down on the sofa, her legs crossed at the ankles over the back and her hair hanging onto the floor, Evelyn was pleased to discover that fire is even more interesting this way. She was supposed to be reading her charms textbook and writing an essay on something or other, but she just couldn't get interested in it. Of course, it didn't help that she was only half sure what she was doing. Either way, the book lay open on the floor near her head, and her hands were clasped on her lap.

Beside her, Malikhi was working on something as well. It was supposed to be homework - they'd decided they should study together so they'd maybe have somebody to keep them accountable - but it could've been anything. Evelyn was hardly going to tell him what he should be doing when she wasn't doing her own assignments.

"Do you think that fire goes up on purpose?" she asked, pointing at the fireplace. "I'm sure there's some science behind it. Or magic," she added. She'd always thought it was science, but she wondered suddenly how all the Muggles could be right and all the wizards wrong about these things. That didn't make any sense. It was like all the religions that said they were right and literally everyone else was wrong. That didn't make sense. There had to be some right and some wrong in everyone. Lord knows she was full of it. She was maybe a 50/50 split of right and wrong on a good day.

"Of course, it goes down if you look at it like this," she added sarcastically, tipping her head to look at her friend and smiling. "You go . . . that way." She pointed towards the ceiling, not actually sure which way was up or down anymore. "But you go that way whether I'm upside down or not."

    • You think too much. Malikhi Hill, Mon Feb 25 17:01
      Malikhi sat with his legs pulled up on the sofa, his defence textbook open on his knees and a piece of parchment lying over the pages. He had been intending to start his latest assignment for... more
      • Says you. Evelyn Stones, Thu Feb 28 01:45
        Evelyn's eyes widened when Malikhi joined her sitting upside down on the couch. She was certainly not expecting that and when it struck her that he was really truly joining her, she laughed aloud. It ... more
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