Malikhi Hill
You think too much.
Mon Feb 25, 2019 17:01

Malikhi sat with his legs pulled up on the sofa, his defence textbook open on his knees and a piece of parchment lying over the pages. He had been intending to start his latest assignment for Professor Hawthorne but he didn't really feel in the mood and had long since started idly doodling across the page. Also, Evelyn was distracting and not even focusing on her own work so how could he? And why was she upside down? Wasn't all the blood rushing to her head? He had only sat upside down a handful of times but he always got a headache from doing so and preferred to remain upright.

He blinked when she suddenly spoke, shattering the calm silence of the common room. His surprise was then replaced with a deep frown as he considered her question. If he was honest, it didn't really make that much sense to him. He looked from her to the crackling fire and then back to her, his features starting to twist in confusion. Fire was fire. How could it do anything on purpose? It wasn't sentient. Was it? Given that he was currently sitting in a magical school, it probably wasn't fair to assume such things. He settled for a shrug as an answer. He didn't feel like his mind could cope with such questions at the moment.

Then, she started talking about which way up he went and he nodded. He did always go up, towards the ceiling. Everybody did, even Evelyn when she wasn't hanging upside down. That was just a fact. You were always upright until you did something to change that.

He moved his book and parchment from his knees, resting them on the arm of the sofa and moved to join her in sitting upside down. Sure, he'd probably get a headache and it wasn't the most comfortable of feelings but he was with Linney and she seemed to be in a funny mood and she made him smile. She was also his friend - Malikhi would even go so far as to say his best friend - and friends did things together and if that meant hanging upside down on the sofa, then that's what he would do. It was at least a break and a distraction from all the other, more unpleasant thoughts in his head. It was nice to have a conversation that didn't involve feelings or thoughts about his dead father.

"But if I sit like this," he murmured, his brown eyes visible now that his mop of blond hair had fallen back. "Then I don't go that way anymore and we're both going down."

  • On an Autumn day (Tag Malikhi)Evelyn Stones, Mon Feb 25 15:25
    Sitting upside down on the sofa, her legs crossed at the ankles over the back and her hair hanging onto the floor, Evelyn was pleased to discover that fire is even more interesting this way. She was... more
    • You think too much. — Malikhi Hill, Mon Feb 25 17:01
      • Says you. Evelyn Stones, Thu Feb 28 01:45
        Evelyn's eyes widened when Malikhi joined her sitting upside down on the couch. She was certainly not expecting that and when it struck her that he was really truly joining her, she laughed aloud. It ... more
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