Professor Sophie O'Malley
Head of House (ish) Speech!
Sat Jul 13, 2019 10:43

It was not the usual professor who assembled this year’s newest boars. “Hey, Pecari!” shrieked Sophie O’Malley, a blonde woman so small she hardly stood out in a crowd of third years. She didn’t bother with a Sonorus charm - she had always been loud, and parenting three occasionally crazy children had done nothing to diminish her volume capacities. Indeed, she assembled the Pecaris (Small class this year, she thought) with relative ease.

“Welcome to Sonora,” she greeted them chipperly. “I’m Professor Sophie O’Malley. I’m not really your Head of House, but I’m happy to fill in. That title belongs to Professor Isis Carter-Xavier, but she’s currently out on personal matters.” Sophie didn’t know the details, although the expression on Professor Xav- Nathan’s face didn’t suggest to her that it was a happy excursion. But whatever, not her business. “Anyway, I’m a Pecari alumni myself, so it’ll be super easy for me to show you the way. Let’s go”

From the Cascade Hall, Sophie led the first years into the Labyrinth Gardens, taking the path she had taken so many times before, but never in the lead. Seven years of school in this House had prepared her for this moment. “Hey, stay close,” she said. “It’s easy to get lost since, you know, it’s literally a Labyrinth. All safe, though, I swear.”

She stopped semi-abruptly beside a suit of armor. Gesturing toward it, she smiled. “This is the entrance to Pecari Common Room. Please keep in mind that its location is supposed to be kept secret from those who aren’t in your House, so don’t spread it around. If you happen to forget where it is or how to get into it, just find me or one of your Housemates, and we’ll help you get back in. This week, the password is Hippogriff hypothesis.”

Immediately, the suit of armor sprang to life and leaped out of the way, revealing the path inside. Sophie bounded in eagerly and waited for the kids inside. Pecari Common Room was tailored to its students. It was a warm place in both temperature and aesthetics, with plenty of comfortable seating, oak tables, and brown and gold decor strewn about. Physical heat was provided by the burning fire, set earlier by a prairie elf. “Welcome home!” Sophie beamed, just as happy to be home again.

“That way,” she continued a moment later, her voice returning to more of a tour guide style, “is the bulletin board. Be sure to check it often, because it will have the new password each week, as well as any announcements. Like Quidditch!” The former Pecari Captain couldn’t help throwing that line in. “Your House prefects are Isaac Song, Brett Newell, and Parker Fitzgerald. The Head Girl, Natalie Atwood, is also in Pecari. Head Boy Kir McCleod is not, but both of them are also excellent resources for help. If you need anything at all, you can go to any of those student leaders. Or me for the duration of time I’m here, and then Professor Carter-Xavier,” she added with a gesture in the direction of the Head of House office, “if you need me. I’ll have a schedule of office hours posted on the door, but if you’re in trouble, any adult can help you find me.”

Sophie led the first years across the Common Room to the two identical stairways. “This way leads to the girls’ dormitories, and this way leads to the boys’. If you go down the wrong way, you’ll be re-deposited back out here in the Common Room. Curfew is ten o’clock PM; it’s up to you to go to sleep on time, but you have to be back to Pecari Commons before then. Otherwise, you will be locked out and will have to come to me to get back in. Does anyone have any questions? If not, you’re free to go explore your new home.”

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