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DH Skies
Head of House Speech
Fri Apr 29, 2016 23:30

Selina brought the students to a stop in front of a rather gruesome portrait, the inferus in the picture shuffled around his frame, eyeing them all with suspicion.

“This is Gunther. He is the guardian of Crotalus Common Room, and therefore someone whom you will need to speak to respectfully,” in truth, the students could probably get away with barking the password in any tone of voice, but Selina did not relish the idea of a bunch of snot-nosed eleven year olds thinking they were better than a historic piece of art, just because they were prettier.

“This month’s password is wormwood,,” she added, the portrait swinging open to admit them. On the other side lay a richly adorned room in red and silver, with velvets and silks being common features in the comfortable looking chairs and their cushions.

“Welcome to Crotalus. This will be your home away from home for the next seven years, and the people here like your family. And, like any family, there will be those of you who don’t see eye to eye, but you will have to make it work because you’re stuck with each other,” she reminded them. Most people thought the family analogy was sweet and comforting but to her it worked on a much more practical, realist level.

“You have several people to go to if you experience difficulties of any kind - firstly, there’s me, but you also welcome to approach any of our house prefects, Isaac, Chaslyn or Makenzie.

“Please keep an eye out for notices, including new passwords, which will appear on the board. Our house Quidditch captain is Alistair Johnson, who I’m sure will be posting a notice about try outs shortly.
“Curfew is ten, and you must be in the Common Room by then, and are asked to keep noise levels to a minimum after this time. The stairs on the left lead to the boys’ dormitories, and those on the right to the girls’. You will find your year number on the door of your room. You are not permitted to enter the dormitories of the opposite sex, and the corridor will forcibly expel you should you try.

“Any questions?”

    • I'm not nervous about any of this at allCecilia Carey, Mon May 9 23:45
      Cecilia recoiled a little when she first saw Gunther the Zombie, but more out of surprise than disgust. Once she realized that her eyes were not deceiving her, she looked the painting over from top... more
      • Neither am I... I swear!Eliza Steinbeck, Sun May 15 17:46
        Eliza had been having a good enough time her first day at Sonora - with the exception of the first hiccup with Arianna, but she thought it had ended well. The blonde eleven-year old had been quick to ... more
        • I'm honestly not. Painting's rather creepy though.Arianna Tate, Wed Jun 1 20:54
          Arianna followed the Deputy Headmistress along with the other first year Crotali to an ugly portrait that was apparently the entrance to their Common Room. Honestly, she had no idea why someone would ... more
          • That part really didn't bother me a lot....Cecilia, Fri Jun 3 21:23
            Manhattan. Cecilia knew that was part of New York, but beyond that, all she really knew was that Jay sometimes said he hated New York and everyone in it. He said they were vulgar, barely even... more
            • The new Crotali cleared her throat subtly as she heard the name Arianna. So, there were two Ariannas in her year, but it wouldnt be hard to set them apart. However, their introductions were fairly... more
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