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Captain Alistair Johnson
Quidditch sign-ups! Crotalus is relying on you...
Thu May 5, 2016 12:43

Along with the well thought out training plan he had spent a lot of time creating, Alistair had also made the team sign-up sheet before returning back to Sonora. It wasn’t because he was so keen to get it done as trying to find his inner creativity to produce an eye-catching sheet of paper that no one would probably write on was quite possibly the dullest of his tasks as Quidditch Captain. Nonetheless he had to try and be positive. After reviewing his coaching methods over the summer he was even more aware of the importance of positivity for success.

Getting the sign-ups done in advance had meant he had plenty of time to come up with a good design, something that didn’t actually come that easily to him, and put it onto paper. A part of him had wanted to leave it and ask Caelia for help again as he had last year, just for an excuse to hang out with her even more, but Alistair’s pride and independence prevented him from doing so. The fourth year didn’t want his yearmate thinking he was a useless Captain, incapable of carrying out his duties unaided.

Written at the top of the sheet in bold red lettering were the simple words:

Join the Crotalus Quidditch team!

Below this was a fairly small drawing of three Chasers in the Hawkshead Attacking Formation (not Ali’s own handiwork but that of his sister-in-law) which he had then charmed to fly across the page repeatedly. The little figures travelled in between two goal hoops, one at each side of the paper, before turning around. Alistair thought movement was probably the best way to draw attention to the sign-up sheet.

Under this he’d given more detail in black ink:

Looking for students with an interest in Quidditch, a competitive nature, team spirit and some house pride! Help Crotalus make a full team this year so we can win the Cup. Provide your name, year and preferred position(s) below. Try-outs will be held Saturday 13th at 2.00pm on the Quidditch Pitch. Please be punctual. Walk-ons are always welcome. For further details or questions, see Captain Alistair Johnson.

He didn’t think ‘further details or questions’ would be necessary but he couldn’t afford to discount the potential for new muggleborn players who didn’t know the sport.

The rest of the parchment was dedicated to space for people to write their names, etc. Only the bottom right hand corner being taken up by the drawing of a Quidditch player (again Denelle’s artwork because Ali “didn’t have the time” for such a thing), much larger than the Chaser trio near the top, crouching over his broom with his red robes charmed to flutter behind him as though by the wind.

Having put his own details down purely as an example - Captain Alistair Johnson, 4th year, Chaser - he took the sign-up sheet down to the common room before he went to bed so that no one could possibly miss it the next morning. Pinning it to the noticeboard, he stepped back briefly and scowled before trudging back up to his lonely dormitory.

    • Surprised, to say the least.Daniel Fintoc, Fri May 13 12:42
      Daniel wasn’t yet super keen on Quidditch the way some people he knew were, not having really tried it before Sonora and he’d still not played a match yet. Back home Dan had always enjoyed indulging... more
    • Well, if I'm needed...Sébastien Évreux, Fri May 13 05:12
      Sébastien originally hadn't had any intention of playing Quidditch. True, he could ride a broom – what self-respecting wizard couldn't? But the idea of practices and matches in cold and rain really... more
    • Yep, this is really happening.Makenzie Newell, Thu May 12 02:13
      Makenzie was not so silly as to fall into the perfectly available trap of pretentious arrogance. She had a very strategic outlook on things, herself in particular, and could size up situations with... more
    • ...So it owes me? Excellent!Isaac Douglas, Wed May 11 15:38
      There was officially, with the Head Boy elections over, no reason to remain on the Crotalus Quidditch team, and Isaac had debated for a long time about whether or not he was going to do so. On one... more
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