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Cecilia Carey
I'm not nervous about any of this at all
Mon May 9, 2016 23:45

Cecilia recoiled a little when she first saw Gunther the Zombie, but more out of surprise than disgust. Once she realized that her eyes were not deceiving her, she looked the painting over from top to bottom, taking in both the inferius and the background, half-disgusted and half-curious. Her last academic tutor had made her look at pictures of old paintings, things painted before the Statute of Secrecy, which showed the grim reaper standing near important wizards and Muggles alike while they went to parties and ruled kingdoms and did other normal things like they didn’t have a care in the world, but this was…a step beyond that, she thought, if the point was the same point her tutor had made about how everyone was going to die someday. Maybe it was just because it wasn’t very nice, not something the tutor would show to a girl, but Cecilia had never seen a painting like this, and she had been forced to look through a lot of books of paintings. Jay thought it was good for her and Peter to know about art. She wondered whether he would rethink that when he heard about this….

Unless he already did, of course. Henry had been in Crotalus, so he had most likely told Jay all about it – well, given him the general idea, anyway – when Cecilia had still been tiny. She glanced around at Sébastien Évreux and the other girls now with them for a split second, nervous, and then followed the deputy headmistress into the common room.

It was very…red. It wasn’t painfully bright red, more a richer, darker shade, but it was very red. Cecilia couldn’t decide if she liked it or not, or if she thought she could really picture the Crotali she’d met – she knew none of them that well, not even the one who was her own brother – fitting in here. It was just elegant and dark enough red, she guessed, that if everyone was as quiet as Henry and Fae, maybe….

She stopped thinking about that when the Deputy Headmistress began addressing them, then, to her horror, giggled out loud when the attempt to persuade them that being a Crotalus was like belonging to a family ended differently than she had expected. Mortified, Cecilia covered her mouth with her hand and tried not to make eye contact with anyone. Even if everyone else in the room had been thinking the same thing she had, which was that the speech would end with some comments about how supporting Crotalus and working for the best interests of the House and keeping any of its secrets which she ever learned to herself were the most important things she’d ever do at Sonora, there was no excuse for showing how surprised she’d been by what Professor Skies had said instead. She felt like an idiot.

With that in mind, she memorized the names Isaac, Chaslyn, and Makenzie so she would remember to avoid them and so avoid shaming herself and her family in front of anyone else important. The Quidditch captain was…complicated; Jay had told her everything he knew about Leonidas Bennett and told her to introduce herself, but he’d never mentioned Alistair Johnson. Cecilia didn’t know if that was because Mr. Johnson was unfriendly or if he was just someone Jay hadn’t known very well, but either way, she thought she should ask for advice before she spoke to him. People took Quidditch too seriously, she thought, but she guessed it kind of made sense for her family when one of her favorite cousins played it professionally.

She had no plans to do anything as improper as entering the boys’ dormitories, so the rest of the speech didn’t interest her much. Not nearly as much, anyway, as the three other girls hearing it. Cecilia found it incredibly hard not to glance at them and try to figure them out. These were the people she was not only stuck with, but stuck sharing a bedroom with. They were going to be a big part of whether or not the next seven years were good ones. They were scary.

She wished Sébastien a good night after the speech and went to look for the first year girls’ dorm and then, once she found it, her luggage. She couldn’t see much of a difference between the bed closest to it and the others in the room, so she sat down on that bed and smiled at the first roommate she saw.

“Good evening,” she said. It wasn’t really an inspired introduction, but at least her voice was pleasant and not shaking. “I’m Cecilia Carey, of South Carolina. How do you do?.”

  • Head of House SpeechDH Skies, Fri Apr 29 23:30
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    • I'm not nervous about any of this at all — Cecilia Carey, Mon May 9 23:45
      • Neither am I... I swear!Eliza Steinbeck, Sun May 15 17:46
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        • I'm honestly not. Painting's rather creepy though.Arianna Tate, Wed Jun 1 20:54
          Arianna followed the Deputy Headmistress along with the other first year Crotali to an ugly portrait that was apparently the entrance to their Common Room. Honestly, she had no idea why someone would ... more
          • That part really didn't bother me a lot....Cecilia, Fri Jun 3 21:23
            Manhattan. Cecilia knew that was part of New York, but beyond that, all she really knew was that Jay sometimes said he hated New York and everyone in it. He said they were vulgar, barely even... more
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