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Isaac Douglas
...So it owes me? Excellent!
Wed May 11, 2016 15:38

There was officially, with the Head Boy elections over, no reason to remain on the Crotalus Quidditch team, and Isaac had debated for a long time about whether or not he was going to do so. On one hand, RATS were a perfectly respectable reason to leave, but on the other hand, he had to consider that two of his sisters had been Head Girl during their RATS, one under special circumstances, and the third had been both a prefect and a Quidditch captain. Since he was just a prefect and possibly only that on a technicality, he really needed something to flesh out his extracurricular profile so all three of his sisters couldn’t look down their noses at him at the usual awful family Christmas get-together.

And for university, of course. There was that. It wasn’t hugely important – he would have to do something truly bizarre and improper in public to change the future from one where his father found him something to do at Douglas until he became his father’s primary heir and Thad and Rachel got just enough to be thorns in his side and Kate enough to ensure she could retire someday – but he still had to do it, preferably as successfully as possible. It would make dealing with people a lot easier if he had some credentials that inspired respect. His family wasn’t outrageously wealthy enough and hadn’t been part of polite society quite long enough to be respected on name alone. Even if Alicia didn’t eventually reach Medea-like levels of disloyalty to her own flesh and blood and make an effort to steal everything but Isaac’s eyes for Thad’s birthday present, Isaac would have problems if he made no attempt to look like he deserved what he got. His father often reminded him of this.

It was part of why he decided to stay on the Quidditch team, along with the fact that, aside from finding Alistair somewhat annoying and not being too crazy about the Bludgers, he sort of liked it and also just didn’t want it to be his fault if Crotalus was the only House that couldn’t make its own team this year. He doubted they would, but if he signed up, it wasn’t his fault, and that was all that mattered. With that in mind, he added himself as Isaac Douglas, 7th, Chaser on his way down to breakfast one morning.

  • Quidditch sign-ups! Crotalus is relying on you...Captain Alistair Johnson, Thu May 5 12:43
    Along with the well thought out training plan he had spent a lot of time creating, Alistair had also made the team sign-up sheet before returning back to Sonora. It wasn’t because he was so keen to... more
    • Surprised, to say the least.Daniel Fintoc, Fri May 13 12:42
      Daniel wasn’t yet super keen on Quidditch the way some people he knew were, not having really tried it before Sonora and he’d still not played a match yet. Back home Dan had always enjoyed indulging... more
    • Well, if I'm needed...Sébastien Évreux, Fri May 13 05:12
      Sébastien originally hadn't had any intention of playing Quidditch. True, he could ride a broom – what self-respecting wizard couldn't? But the idea of practices and matches in cold and rain really... more
    • Yep, this is really happening.Makenzie Newell, Thu May 12 02:13
      Makenzie was not so silly as to fall into the perfectly available trap of pretentious arrogance. She had a very strategic outlook on things, herself in particular, and could size up situations with... more
    • ...So it owes me? Excellent! — Isaac Douglas, Wed May 11 15:38
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