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Makenzie Newell
Yep, this is really happening.
Thu May 12, 2016 02:13

Makenzie was not so silly as to fall into the perfectly available trap of pretentious arrogance. She had a very strategic outlook on things, herself in particular, and could size up situations with fairly resolute objectiveness. So, through clear eyes, she had found something interesting about her reputation at Sonora: effectively, she was perfect.

Too perfect.

All her life, she had prepared for this, worked towards this, but now that she had it, the notion bothered her. Makenzie Newell, the perfect lady, was the person she was supposed to be, according to all standards that society set for someone like her. She was polite, talkative but not too rambly, smart but not too outspoken, a pinnacle for Pureblood breeding. Her parents were so proud of her. She had succeeded.

But somehow, it didn’t feel right. Part of it was, admittedly, a stupid intrusive thought probably egged on by hormones and the teenage impulse to rebel; after all, Makenzie was fifteen years old now and had never even really broken a rule. But the majority of this discontent was situated in a different cause: she had found something more important than these standards.


As best friends and roommates, whether they liked it or not, the two girls were destined to be compared, and look at how that had gone so far. Makenzie won things like “Class Lady” and "Best Representative of House" in the yearbook with Araceli getting “Most Bashful” despite Delphine’s hard work to change her presentation. Makenzie was Prefect. Makenzie was this, Makenzie was that. But Araceli was, in this regard, nothing.

So, with the goal of perhaps evening the playing field a little, the redhead began to seek out… something, a way to rebel ever so slightly, just enough to make her not seem quite so damn perfect and give her friend a social opportunity, a contrast in some area where Makenzie was the wrong one and Araceli the right. She needed a rebellion that would only harm her slightly, something that would raise eyebrows but not bring down her family.

When Alistair Johnston posted the Quidditch sign up sheet, Makenzie knew she had found it. Most nice little ladies did not play sports. Newell girls certainly didn’t.

Makenzie Newell, she penned in her neatest handwriting, examining the names above hers--just two so far--and the positions they had selected. She knew Shino would be along for Seeker, as well. Makenzie knew what position to take. 5th year, Keeper.

  • Quidditch sign-ups! Crotalus is relying on you...Captain Alistair Johnson, Thu May 5 12:43
    Along with the well thought out training plan he had spent a lot of time creating, Alistair had also made the team sign-up sheet before returning back to Sonora. It wasn’t because he was so keen to... more
    • Surprised, to say the least.Daniel Fintoc, Fri May 13 12:42
      Daniel wasn’t yet super keen on Quidditch the way some people he knew were, not having really tried it before Sonora and he’d still not played a match yet. Back home Dan had always enjoyed indulging... more
    • Well, if I'm needed...Sébastien Évreux, Fri May 13 05:12
      Sébastien originally hadn't had any intention of playing Quidditch. True, he could ride a broom – what self-respecting wizard couldn't? But the idea of practices and matches in cold and rain really... more
    • Yep, this is really happening. — Makenzie Newell, Thu May 12 02:13
    • ...So it owes me? Excellent!Isaac Douglas, Wed May 11 15:38
      There was officially, with the Head Boy elections over, no reason to remain on the Crotalus Quidditch team, and Isaac had debated for a long time about whether or not he was going to do so. On one... more
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