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Sébastien Évreux
Well, if I'm needed...
Fri May 13, 2016 05:12

Sébastien originally hadn't had any intention of playing Quidditch. True, he could ride a broom – what self-respecting wizard couldn't? But the idea of practices and matches in cold and rain really didn’t appeal to him. Besides, his childhood memories of playing Quidditch were tainted by the times he’d been forced to play with Louis Valois. The other pureblood heir would always be sure to perform more daring tricks than Bastien could, a fussy mother meaning that his flying had at times been limited. No, Sébastien could do without Louis Valois trying to one-up him again.

However, talking to Alistair Johnson had changed his mind. When the fourth year Quidditch captain had approached him in the common room, Bastien had felt quite important. None of the other first years had older students asking them for help. The idea of the Crotalus team being in need of him had suitably flattered Bastien, and once he realised that there was a chance of his new house having no Quidditch team the decision was made for him!

Sébastien read through the signup sheet briefly, wanting to be quite sure of what he was committing to. He wasn't sure he had the desired interest in Quidditch, or really a sense of team spirit, but he was definitely competitive and already felt some measure of house pride. He had thought long and hard about the position he wanted to play. Obviously seeker was ideal, as the most important position, but Alistair had mentioned that the team already had a very good seeker. Bastien didn’t want to be made to look inadequate. Keeper was too boring a role, and there were three chasers (he preferred a little more individuality). Beater it was, then.

With a sigh, he put his quill to the paper, making sure to keep his handwriting legible but important-looking (Bastien especially liked a flourish on the ‘E’ of his surname).

Sébastien Évreux, 1st Year, Beater

[OOC: mention of the conversation with Alistair Johnson approved by his author. Opinions of the Quidditch position belong to Sébastien, and are not shared by the author.]

  • Quidditch sign-ups! Crotalus is relying on you...Captain Alistair Johnson, Thu May 5 12:43
    Along with the well thought out training plan he had spent a lot of time creating, Alistair had also made the team sign-up sheet before returning back to Sonora. It wasn’t because he was so keen to... more
    • Surprised, to say the least.Daniel Fintoc, Fri May 13 12:42
      Daniel wasn’t yet super keen on Quidditch the way some people he knew were, not having really tried it before Sonora and he’d still not played a match yet. Back home Dan had always enjoyed indulging... more
    • Well, if I'm needed... — Sébastien Évreux, Fri May 13 05:12
    • Yep, this is really happening.Makenzie Newell, Thu May 12 02:13
      Makenzie was not so silly as to fall into the perfectly available trap of pretentious arrogance. She had a very strategic outlook on things, herself in particular, and could size up situations with... more
    • ...So it owes me? Excellent!Isaac Douglas, Wed May 11 15:38
      There was officially, with the Head Boy elections over, no reason to remain on the Crotalus Quidditch team, and Isaac had debated for a long time about whether or not he was going to do so. On one... more
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