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Daniel Fintoc
Surprised, to say the least.
Fri May 13, 2016 12:42

Daniel wasn’t yet super keen on Quidditch the way some people he knew were, not having really tried it before Sonora and he’d still not played a match yet. Back home Dan had always enjoyed indulging in light games of Quodpot with friends and family. As odd as it was, no one played Quodpot at Sonora so he had settled for Quidditch. Daniel liked physical activity and the idea of being part of a team appealed to him. He had also gained a good sense of house pride during his first year at the boarding school. Last term he had got a place on the team by default, just for turning up to try-outs. Although, because of the challenges they hadn’t got to play any matches - which was probably just as well because Crotalus hadn’t managed to form a full team.

The way the Crotalus captain had been talking, things weren’t looking too bright for a seven-player team this year either, but by the time Daniel got around to checking out the sign-up sheet he was pleasantly surprised by two new names. One of the names was Bastien Évreux, apparently a first year hence the name was unfamiliar. The other on the other hand was one that Daniel knew very well and caused him to do a double-take before staring wide-eyed at the name Makenzie Newell. Was this a joke? Had someone else put her name down for a laugh? Daniel didn’t know what the older girl's handwriting looked like but what he saw did look so lovely and neat that he thought it had to be her. But why was she joining the Quidditch team all of a sudden? Makenzie was so… so perfect, he couldn’t imagine what would make her want to do something like this. Not that he thought it made her unperfect, especially since he was fairly sure her signing up was the only reason Crotalus might have a shot at playing this term (something he realised with a rush of gratitude), but he knew that a lot of people frowned upon girls like Makenzie playing Quidditch. He didn’t like the idea of people frowning upon Makenzie.

Once mostly over the initial surprise, but still very confused, Daniel took out his quill and wrote down his own name.

Daniel Fintoc, 2nd year, Chaser

With that he tucked his quill back in his bag and walked away, feeling quite excited for the Quidditch term to begin. He was now certain that Crotalus would make a full team and that he wouldn’t have to broach the subject of playing Quidditch to Artemis Leithan, whose name he had let slip to Alistair Johnson when the older boy was pressuring him to think of people they might be able to recruit. Artemis had definitely proved herself competent on a broom in flying lessons last year but Dan had not wanted to have to ask her to join the team because he knew she’d say no and he didn’t want to offend her by implying that he thought she was the type of girl to play Quidditch.

  • Quidditch sign-ups! Crotalus is relying on you...Captain Alistair Johnson, Thu May 5 12:43
    Along with the well thought out training plan he had spent a lot of time creating, Alistair had also made the team sign-up sheet before returning back to Sonora. It wasn’t because he was so keen to... more
    • Surprised, to say the least. — Daniel Fintoc, Fri May 13 12:42
    • Well, if I'm needed...Sébastien Évreux, Fri May 13 05:12
      Sébastien originally hadn't had any intention of playing Quidditch. True, he could ride a broom – what self-respecting wizard couldn't? But the idea of practices and matches in cold and rain really... more
    • Yep, this is really happening.Makenzie Newell, Thu May 12 02:13
      Makenzie was not so silly as to fall into the perfectly available trap of pretentious arrogance. She had a very strategic outlook on things, herself in particular, and could size up situations with... more
    • ...So it owes me? Excellent!Isaac Douglas, Wed May 11 15:38
      There was officially, with the Head Boy elections over, no reason to remain on the Crotalus Quidditch team, and Isaac had debated for a long time about whether or not he was going to do so. On one... more
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