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Arianna Tate
I'm honestly not. Painting's rather creepy though.
Wed Jun 1, 2016 20:54

Arianna followed the Deputy Headmistress along with the other first year Crotali to an ugly portrait that was apparently the entrance to their Common Room. Honestly, she had no idea why someone would paint such a thing. As far as she was concerned, art should capture what was beautiful but then artists were strange people. Her uncle Evan was one and though Arianna hadn't honestly spent all that much time with her relatives-her parents had a slight paranoia about returning to America and Mother preferred visiting Aunt Holly to her own family-her impression of him from the few times they'd met and what Mother said about him here and there was that he was very very very weird. She'd seen some of the stuff he'd made as well, and it wasn't even recognizable as anything in particular. This portrait, ugly as it was, was at least of something.

She was more concerned, in all honestly, what having such a portrait as the entrance to her house said about what the founders of this school thought of Crotalus and the people that were placed there. Naturally, Arianna knew that not all Crotali were wonderful people, her uncle Adam had been a Crotalus and he'd grown from a wimpy nerd to a bitter antisocial grouch whom she was sure would be just like the school Headmaster appeared to be someday and then there were those disgusting girls her mother's friends had had as roommates. Still, Crotali were supposed to respectable members of society and to have a portrait of an ugly zombie representing that was kind of offensive. Especially given their mascot was a poisonous snake!

Of course, Arianna supposed snakes were beautiful in their own way, graceful at least-not that she'd ever say that to anyone since it wasn't something one thought normally thought of as beautiful-and the poisonous bit meant they weren't to be trifled with, which she liked and felt was true of herself and of anyone else of importance. Still, poisonous snakes were not generally well thought of. They did inspire fear though, so that was a good thing. She wanted to inspire fear and intimidation in those she didn't like and show she was not one to be crossed. This Crotalus was rather starting to like the idea of being compared to a rattler, the more she thought about it. Better than a wild boar which she supposed could be dangerous and potentially gore someone but lacked subtlety so you could definitely see it coming whereas a rattler could sneak up on you (and a hawk could swoop down on you) or a prairie dog which seemed to like something a rattlesnake (or hawk) might have for lunch. Arianna would rather be a predator than be preyed upon any day.

The fact that Deputy Headmistress Skies seemed to have some sort of affection for the portrait also struck Arianna as odd. Either she was a fan of the macabre or it was a very tempermental portrait and she was giving them fair warning. She supposed that she would be tempermental if she looked like that too. Of course, she'd also never show her face in public or allow a portrait to be painted of herself then. It was unlikely that this was a picture of a zombie that really existed as anything but a figment of someone's debatably-more- messed-up-than-Uncle Evan's imagination.

Maybe it was painted by someone as a form of art therapy because someone was having debilitating nightmares about about zombies and then placed as the entrance to Crotalus because they were having nightmares about proper society? Or maybe, just maybe, it was put there to be misleading . Who would suspect something so ugly would hide the entrance to a house known for it's propriety and respectability?

Whatever. Arianna had given it more than enough thought for one night, if it was worth revisting at all. The Headmistress' speech went on. She couldn't have cared less about who was Quidditch captain, since she had zero interest in the game for any reason other than as a social event to be seen and photographed at wearing fashionable clothing but she noted who the prefects were. She aspired to be one someday after all.

Her roommates, however, were the focus of interest right now. At least, getting to see whether or not they were interesting. Cecilia was a Carey, so that was a plus though Arianna was not sure what the difference between the different branches was. She thought Aunt Lucille-Uncle Evan's wife-was from North Carolina. Steinbeck was not a name she recognized and the girl was attempting to shake hands with Cecilia. Still, that in itself wasn't a big deal, it just marked her as not being a member of American pureblood society. She could still be from money. For all Arianna knew, Eliza could be one of elites of the Manhatten Muggle world. And they could still have quite a bit in common. Aunt Holly was from important Muggles and she and Mother had been the best of friends since they were first years. Plus Eliza's introduction showed at least some manners. In Jamaica, where Arianna lived, people didn't curtsy quite so much with their peers anyway. Cecilia was definitely a peer-family by marriage in fact-and Arianna was willing to give Eliza a chance, given all she'd done so far was introduce herself and say where she was from. "Pleasure to meet you both. I am Arianna Tate of the Napa Valley Tates, but my parents, brother and I live in Jamaica." She wanted to make that clear right off because it was quite honestly was going to seem weird to people that she lived in one place and introduced herself as from another. Cecilia at the very least should have heard of her family.

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    • I'm honestly not. Painting's rather creepy though. — Arianna Tate, Wed Jun 1 20:54
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