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That part really didn't bother me a lot....
Fri Jun 3, 2016 21:23

Manhattan. Cecilia knew that was part of New York, but beyond that, all she really knew was that Jay sometimes said he hated New York and everyone in it. He said they were vulgar, barely even civilized, and that they lived crammed so closely together that he had no idea how they kept from going insane.

That didn’t sound very nice or very safe – where did they put the safe rooms if they all lived in tiny little apartments in big buildings with no grounds to build things under? How did the secret ways out of the house work if there were other people who owned the other side of the wall? – but Eliza Steinbeck didn’t seem insane or even all that vulgar yet, so Cecilia decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. She returned the handshake a little awkwardly, as she saw other people, mostly Jay, shake hands a lot more often than she did it herself.

“Thank you,” she said automatically, then remembered herself. “It’s nice to meet you, too.”

She hoped it was, anyway. The name didn’t ring any bells in her head. That wasn’t good. Maybe she was just from a very minor family, though, one whose main branch was somewhere out west and was therefore not someone the Careys found interesting enough to make Cecilia learn by heart. As strange as it seemed, she knew that not all families lived close together, as their third roommate quickly proved.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she said when Arianna introduced herself. Arianna Tate was a name she knew. She was Lucille’s niece, and since Lucille was friends with two of Cecilia’s much older siblings, Jay had mentioned Arianna as someone she should probably keep an eye out for. That was going to be easy to do now, she guessed, since the other girl was going to sleep in the same room Cecilia did. “Jamaica – I’m told that’s a beautiful place.” Cecilia knew little about it except that it was an island, possibly the kind with coconuts and mangoes. Cecilia liked coconuts and mangoes and going to the seashore, if not staying outside there long enough to get sunburned – she would have to inherit her mother’s skin, which burned like paper in a candle at the least provocation – so she thought Jamaica sounded like a nice enough place to live. “And our, um, boy classmate, he’s from France. Do you have family anywhere else, Eliza, or am I not the only one?”

Part of Cecilia hoped Eliza answered in the negative, because she didn’t want to be the only boring person in the room. She thought Fae had some family in Europe, but since Fae was just her cousin’s wife, she didn’t think that counted. Part of her, though, was just nosy, to see if she could get Eliza to reveal anything that would make figuring out what kind of person she was easier.

  • I'm honestly not. Painting's rather creepy though.Arianna Tate, Wed Jun 1 20:54
    Arianna followed the Deputy Headmistress along with the other first year Crotali to an ugly portrait that was apparently the entrance to their Common Room. Honestly, she had no idea why someone would ... more
    • That part really didn't bother me a lot.... — Cecilia, Fri Jun 3 21:23
      • The new Crotali cleared her throat subtly as she heard the name Arianna. So, there were two Ariannas in her year, but it wouldnt be hard to set them apart. However, their introductions were fairly... more
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