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Re: That part really didn't bother me a lot....
Thu Jun 30, 2016 15:51

The new Crotali cleared her throat subtly as she heard the name Arianna. So, there were two Ariannas in her year, but it wouldnt be hard to set them apart. However, their introductions were fairly different, and Eliza didnt know why they were introducing themselves so formally. It was the first time she had heard people manage so look introductions, but maybe it was a magical thing? Sonora was a fairly big school, and Eliza had grown up with the same cluster of people. Maybe that was it.

Eliza smiled to both girls and subtly looked them over. Both of the girls looked extremely well-put and had manners, which was something Eliza was looking for. Manners were part of any civilized interaction.

The blonde Cortali started unpacking while continuing with the conversation, “Jaimaica? She sounded surprised. Eliza had been in Jaimaica for like a day on a cruise with her parents, “That is kind of odd,” she stated to Arianna. “I have been there and there is a lot of poverty, hardly a place for a girl like you.” Eliza was just assuming from what Arianna was reflecting. Her manners, clothes and general appearece screamed wealth.

“I´m sorry, that was rude,” she said after a second. It was stupid to assume, but the Crotali had been really surprised. Who heard of someone living in Jaimaca besides the jamaincans? Maybe she was being racist, and her mother had always told her to be respectful of other people. “Well, Jamaica is lovely. You must have a lot of fun living there,” she finished trying to sound more civilized and friendly.

Eliza opened her trunk and started getting her essentials out: toiletries, pajamas, and some other things. She smiled again at her roommates, “It must be exciting to live outside of the United States,” she got distracted by a pair of shoes that needed to get out of her luggage, “I wish I had fammily elsewhere. That would make me more interesting,” she answered Cecilia’s question with a smile. “But my parents like to travel, so we usually do that a lot,” she finished a bit smug. That was something she loved about her family life: Traveling.

The excitement of the first day was still moving like waves through Eliza´s veins. She finally found the small box full of candy she had taken to Sonora with her, and got out some skittles. Eliza opened the small bag and offered some to Eliza and Cecilia.

  • That part really didn't bother me a lot....Cecilia, Fri Jun 3 21:23
    Manhattan. Cecilia knew that was part of New York, but beyond that, all she really knew was that Jay sometimes said he hated New York and everyone in it. He said they were vulgar, barely even... more
    • Re: That part really didn't bother me a lot.... — Eliza, Thu Jun 30 15:51
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