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Wu Peizhi
Borrowing your Head of House [Tag: Prof. Skies]
Tue Jul 5, 2016 02:15

Peizhi couldn’t sleep. She had only been back to her Teppenpaw bed for about a week, but those nights had been horrible. Her record for consecutive hours was a little over three, and even when she was asleep--as brief as it was--she was not at rest. Most of the nights were spent staring at the ceiling, her mind spinning in infinite, unproductive circles. Always quietly so as not to disturb her roommate, sometimes Wu cried. And sometimes she laughed, too; in her declined state of semi-hysterics, it was almost amusing how desperate she felt, and how ironic it was that during the school year she just wanted to go home but at home she always wanted to leave.

That alone was destroying her. She was only thirteen, far too young for this level of turmoil where no place felt okay. Sonora was torturous now that she had alienated the people who had taken her into their group and made her feel so safe and--dare she even think it--happy. But being home had always been torture, the reward of seeing Bohai (which was often shortened or held over her head and postponed until she had achieved “good behavior” as her father called it) quickly becoming not worth the sacrifice of spending time there.

Wu was so, so tired, mentally and physically. Despite her normal silent nature, with all of this strain, she felt as if she might burst if she didn’t talk to someone. She needed advice and decided to seek out an adult. The obvious choice was Mr. Xavier, since he was her Head of House, but even though he seemed so terribly kind, the third year had trouble really trusting men. And though obviously not fault of his own, Mr. Xavier was such a large, towering man and she was such a small girl that appearances only furthered her hesitation.

After looking over the female staff members with as much dedication and focus as the sleep-diminished girl was capable of, Peizhi eventually settled on approaching Professor Skies. The Transfiguration professor, though her class was easily one of Wu’s weakest, was someone that she felt about as close to comfortable with as possible. She was the Deputy Headmistress and a Head of House, which credited her reliability. Plus, she was the one who taught the academic support classes Wu attended, and those were… well, admittedly, a bit tense since she’d basically stopped talking to the Donovans but in all terms related to Professor Skies’s control were okay.

Yawning as she went, Wu fought the urge to collapse and flittered to the Deputy Headmistress’s office. She bit her lip nervously as she knocked on the door: lightly at first, but then a bit harder as she feared she would not be heard and would have walked all this way for nothing. At the first sign of motion, sad, dark eyes flew up to where the professor’s face would soon be.

    • Being borrowedProfessor Skies, Tue Jul 12 22:47
      Selina was not quite all caught up with her paperwork, but she was on top of it enough to dedicate this evening to her own interests, and had outstanding letters from her oldest daughter and her... more
      • I appreciate it.Wu Peizhi, Sat Jul 16 23:56
        Wu liked Professor Skies. She was a nice woman who was quite bright but never made Wu feel dumb. She made her feel cared for in a way that was completely new. Not to say that her parents did not care ... more
        • Have you tried just not giving a crap? Professor Skies, Sat Jul 23 02:11
          One thing Selina had learnt over the years was to hold her tongue. She was a chatterer by nature and was keen to jump in with ideas as soon as Wu started speaking. But she needed to give the girl... more
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