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Wu Peizhi
I appreciate it.
Sat Jul 16, 2016 23:56

Wu liked Professor Skies. She was a nice woman who was quite bright but never made Wu feel dumb. She made her feel cared for in a way that was completely new. Not to say that her parents did not care for her or love her, but there was still the knowledge of her uses to them. Peizhi was an emissary. A spy. A bargaining chip. Almost, she thought… expendable. But Professor Skies just looked out for her partially because it was her job and partially, it felt, because she wanted to. That was nice.

The young Teppenpaw did as she was told--or more accurately invited--to do, entering and taking a seat opposite the professor’s desk. Professor Skies was a Head of House, which meant the Crotalus Common Room was concealed somewhere near the vicinity of this office. That was where Laila lived. The thought made her very nervous.

“How can I help you?”

The third year swallowed. “I need… uh, advise?” she said meekly, not sure if she was using the word correctly. “I am having trouble with… many things. People.” Wu realized immediately how that sounded and backpedalled: “Not in a way that is someone being mean to me. The opposite. I-..” She trailed off temporarily, the Chinese words rushing through her mind without solid translation, and even the ones that were warping into English felt like they were sticking in her throat. She was not a very open person. This was going to be hard.

“My father sends me here to meet Purebloods like me,” she explained nervously. “I am supposed to… to meet people. Find things out about Americans. But the people I know, the ones I spend time…. They are not like me. So I try to…. Distance. This has made them sad. I think I am sad too. I like them. They make me feel happy and safe, but my father… they are useless to him.” It almost burned her throat to be so honest, particularly because this honesty brought a fairly negative light to her father. Wu and her father had never been affectionate or terribly close--at home she lived for Bohai, loved him and almost only him--but he was not a bad man. He was a pragmatist. “I do not want to disobey, but… I hurt people this way. What do I do?”

  • Being borrowedProfessor Skies, Tue Jul 12 22:47
    Selina was not quite all caught up with her paperwork, but she was on top of it enough to dedicate this evening to her own interests, and had outstanding letters from her oldest daughter and her... more
    • I appreciate it. — Wu Peizhi, Sat Jul 16 23:56
      • Have you tried just not giving a crap? Professor Skies, Sat Jul 23 02:11
        One thing Selina had learnt over the years was to hold her tongue. She was a chatterer by nature and was keen to jump in with ideas as soon as Wu started speaking. But she needed to give the girl... more
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