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Professor Skies
Have you tried just not giving a crap?
Sat Jul 23, 2016 02:11

One thing Selina had learnt over the years was to hold her tongue. She was a chatterer by nature and was keen to jump in with ideas as soon as Wu started speaking. But she needed to give the girl time to get her words out. And then some… She had learnt, over the years, to ride out the pauses with students, and that you often got more by staying silent than by prying with further questions. She let Wu find all her words, the student eventually summing up her problem, the real question she was here to ask… Should she disobey her father or hurt her friends?

“Well, I’ve never been someone who cares about blood purity,” she explained, figuring she should make her personal stance clear partly so as not to endorse the views of anyone who did, but also because she felt Wu deserved to know the politics of the person who was advising her. In her younger days she might have counselled differently… Argued more strongly for the politics she herself believed in but she had come to see that the consequences of any Pureblood following that road weren’t to be taken lightly. She still hated their politics but had sympathy with people like Wu who, whilst they were still children, were just pawns. “But I’m not going to pretend this is an easy choice, or tell you to just follow what you - what I - believe, because the consequences to that would be very serious for you. At the same time, it’s important to have friends. And I think not hurting others is a good thing to try and do.

“Is there anyone saying you can’t have both?” If there was, she imagined it was the father. Although it was hard to tell what children were like behind closed doors, she couldn’t imagine Gia, Laila and Sammy (whom she thought were Wu’s usual friends) pushing her out, making her choose - Wu had even said, no one was being mean to her. Come to that, the Pureblood girls in her year didn’t seem the extreme of snooty disapproval either. She couldn’t imagine them forcing her to take a side.

“Kira Spaulding seems like a nice girl,” she added. She didn’t have anything against Ingrid Wolseithcrafte either, only she seemed rather exuberant and Wu was so quiet. “If you were friends with her that would please your father. But it wouldn’t have to stop you being friends with the other girls, would it? You have to live with them, work with them for the next five years… Is it forbidden for you to be friendly with them?”

  • I appreciate it.Wu Peizhi, Sat Jul 16 23:56
    Wu liked Professor Skies. She was a nice woman who was quite bright but never made Wu feel dumb. She made her feel cared for in a way that was completely new. Not to say that her parents did not care ... more
    • Have you tried just not giving a crap? — Professor Skies, Sat Jul 23 02:11
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