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Daniel Fintoc
I've never done this before... (tag Kira)
Mon Aug 15, 2016 10:17

Daniel had a multitude of places where he might be able to find Kira to talk to privately but after much inner debate on the best place, he settled for the common room one evening after dinner. That way he was guaranteed to see her before he could try and convince himself out of the decision he had already made.

Second years were still among the youngest students in the school and probably weren’t expected to have dates for the ball but that didn’t change the fact that Daniel wanted one. He liked girls and he wanted to join in the tradition of asking one lovely lady to dance the night away with him.

Thus he had vacillated between asking Artemis Leithan or Angelique Brockert for some time. He wasn’t particularly close to either of the girls but he figured he knew them best since they were the only students in his house from second year and they would both have made very appropriate and impressive dates. But he had found he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t possibly choose one girl over the other, even if he knew deep down which one he would rather have gone with, because that was just unkind.

Daniel had thought he might well have to go by himself. After all, the one girl he might dream about going with already had a date and would have been mocked if she had been his date. That was all until he was studying in the library with his cousin, and Chuck had called over a Miss Kira Spaulding and the second year’s mind had quickly begun plotting without his permission.

He hadn’t heard any talk about Kira having a date and thought he would easily be able to pick up if she did because the ball was currently a major topic of gossip at Sonora as it drew nearer. Nevertheless, he decided to ask Alistair for confirmation on her ball date status because he was good friends with a girl who was apparently her cousin. The older boy had been very helpful, although oddly enough it hadn’t seemed like he was the messenger but instead the advice he had given that was specific to Kira had felt like it had come directly from him. Daniel shook himself of this weird notion, however, because he knew that Alistair would have asked Kira to the ball if he’d wanted to and it had already been made clear to him who the Quidditch captain was really interested in anyway.

“Kira,” Dan said to get her attention as she entered the common room. He thought he could address her using her first name now. It was true that they’d only really had one proper interaction that he could recall but Chuck had introduced them to one another and it had all felt casual. “I know you don’t know me all that well… yet. But I was wondering,” the second year tried very hard not to let any colour rise to his cheeks as he fumbled his lines, but he could feel them growing warm (which probably presented itself in a slight pinkness). “I was wondering if you would consider doing me the honour of attending the midsummer ball with me?”

Dan bit his lip, far more nervous for the response than he thought he would be and hoping his sentences had been as coherent as he thought they were. “That is, if you don’t have someone else in mind, of course,” he added, because the last thing he wanted to do was make the mistake of believing her to be dateless when she wasn’t, although he trusted his sources well enough.

He thought he’d been quite brave to ask Alistair because the older boy could so easily have mocked having the audacity to go after someone as wonderful as Kira Spaulding but there was no one else he could have turned to. The idea of talking about her to Chuck had felt too weird and he had secretly worried that his cousin might become possessive about his friend, something he hadn’t wanted to think about too much because it would only put him off asking her.

Daniel had wanted to keep his plans to ask Kira on the downlow as much as possible, thus only confiding in one person who wasn’t likely to gossip about second and third years (who Alistair seemed to view as beneath him), so that it wouldn’t be such a fall from grace if she rejected him. Fortunately, Kira didn’t seem like the type of girl to try and humiliate others so Dan thought he was pretty safe in that respect.

    • And I've never been asked.Kira Spaulding, Sat Aug 20 18:00
      The ball was fast approaching and Kira still didn't have a date or even someone to hang out with. It would figure that she would be a dateless, friendles-well, she had friends but they had dates-... more
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