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Kira Spaulding
And I've never been asked.
Sat Aug 20, 2016 18:00

The ball was fast approaching and Kira still didn't have a date or even someone to hang out with. It would figure that she would be a dateless, friendles-well, she had friends but they had dates- loser. She usually felt unwanted and this was just serving to remind her of such. Kira didn't really know why it was this way, but apparently every single trait she possessed was the opposite of what society valued. People either wanted someone who was the ideal pureblood lady like Kelsey or someone who was more outgoing like Gia Donovan.

Granted, part of the reason that Kira was so shy was because she felt inferior and felt she'd be judged inadequate by anyone she socialized with especially those who also socialized with Kelsey. She was naturally an introverted person anyway but that didn't mean she didn't want to be liked. Unfortunately, being so didn't help matters and it was just a vicious cycle that she knew she'd never be able to break. The Crotalus could not be someone she wasn't. Anyway, how could she ever feel better if nobody accepted the person she was?

Now she felt like the very bottom of the barrel. Like any guy who was left would rather go alone than with her. In some ways, this was worse than the balls she attended over midterm or would over the summer. Kira had to see these people day in and day out for most of the year. That meant that they had more ideas about who she was than someone she'd meet at a ball outside school and had rejected her accordingly.

Maybe she would just skip the ball completely. She could just go eat dinner and come back up. Why bother sitting there alone, humiliated? Spending time by herself was one thing but being by herself in a crowd was quite another. The fact that nobody really wanted to spend time with her would be there on full display. Plus, it would be a bit boring sitting there with nobody to talk to and nothing to do.

Suddenly Kira was aware of someone approaching and heard a voice address her by name. She blinked as she looked up to see Daniel Fintoc. What he said took her by total surprise. This late in the game, she didn't expect to be asked. Actually, she never had. "S-sure." Kira stammered, her face flushing. She hoped Daniel didn't change his mind because of that.

  • I've never done this before... (tag Kira)Daniel Fintoc, Mon Aug 15 10:17
    Daniel had a multitude of places where he might be able to find Kira to talk to privately but after much inner debate on the best place, he settled for the common room one evening after dinner. That... more
    • And I've never been asked. — Kira Spaulding, Sat Aug 20 18:00
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