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Kelsey Atwater
Only one girl
Tue Aug 23, 2016 21:29

Unlike the rest of the school seemed to be, Kelsey wasn't obsessing about the ball. In her opinion, this ball didn't truly matter and didn't even truly count as a real ball since they had to let everyone in school attend including the halfbloods and muggleborns. The only thing that she was worried about with regards to the ball was that they wouldn't behave appropriately. Balls were supposed to be classy affairs and how could they be with such...uncouth people being allowed to attend.

Due to this, part of Kelsey didn't really want to go. She did her best to avoid fraternizing with those who had inferior blood and to go to a ball that included them was a rather unappealing prospect. Still, she felt obligated to go anyway. Kelsey had to be an example for the other young ladies there and even show the non-purebloods how to behave when they were attending events with their betters.

Though it would likely be wasted on them. Those with a Muggle influence in their backgrounds seemed to think that propriety was a bad thing, that having decent manners meant one was stuffy and uptight. Non-purebloods seemed to be uniformly loud and...unrestrained. Certainly there were purebloods who were that way as well-which was downright shameful- probably due to exposure to people who weren't from good families, but non-purebloods seemed to be lacking basic decorum and decency as a whole while revelling in it.

However, none of this was on Kelsey's mind as she read the newspaper. She always tried to keep up with what was going on in the world so she could engage in intelligent conversations about it if such opportunities arose. Just because she was female and from a good family didn't mean that she didn't have a brain.

However, when Alistair approached, she didn't mind putting it aside. She really had been rather expecting this and part of her wondered what had taken him so long. After all, this was Alistair . Nerves and fear of rejection were not a part of his character and besides, they were friends anyway so he had no reason to be intimidated. "Of course." She replied, a note of warmth creeping into her voice.

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    • Only one girl — Kelsey Atwater, Tue Aug 23 21:29
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