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Professor Skies
HoH Speech
Fri Oct 7, 2016 04:41

After the plates had been cleared, Selina had called the new Crotali to her and done a quick head count. All boys this year. She tried not to feel like that might make her own life easier, because it felt vaguely traitorous to her own sex, but girls did tend to squabble and fall out a good deal more. That said, Aladren seemed to have had a good deal of room-mate drama amongst its boys, and she couldn’t exactly imagine that sticking three over-privileged children, who probably weren’t used to sharing, into a room together was a recipe for success, whatever their gender. She was lucky it worked out as well as it did most of the time - a fact which she chalked up to self-preservation rather than any other more noble trait.

She led the students through the building, pointing out the landmarks that would help guide them back to the hall for breakfast in the morning.

“Finally, we come to Gunther - the guardian of Crotalus. He is a somewhat gruesome sight but, as he stands between you and your bed, I suggest you treat him nicely,” she cautioned. They rounded the corner to greet the portrait of the Inferus. “This month’s password is bowtruckle,” she explained, the portrait swinging forward as she did so.

The hole in the wall opened onto a lavishly decorated room with lots of red velvet. Selina allowed the students to settle before continuing her talk.

“Welcome to Crotalus. This will be where you live for the next seven years. You won’t like everyone here, or get on with everyone all of the time, but it is in all your best interests to work through your differences and try to get along. Should you be unable to do that, or have any other difficulties, you can ask one of the prefects - Chaslyn, Makenzie or Kelsey, or come to me.

“Please keep an eye out for notices, including new passwords, which will appear on the board. Our house Quidditch captain is Alistair Johnson, who I’m sure will be posting a notice about try outs shortly.

“Curfew is ten, and you must be in the Common Room by then, and are asked to keep noise levels to a minimum after this time. The stairs on the left lead to the boys’ dormitories, and those on the right to the girls’. You will find your year number on the door of your room. You are not permitted to enter the dormitories of the opposite sex, and the corridor will forcibly expel you should you try.

“Any questions?”

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