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Wu Peizhi
Intruding once more [Tag: Prof. Skies]
Mon Oct 10, 2016 15:02

What a little pest was she. Only a day back and already, Wu was knocking on staff doors. As it had been before, she went to Professor Skies. Last time, it had been a matter of comfort: not that her own Head of House, Professor Xavier, made he particularly uncomfortable, no more so than anyone else did, but Professor Skies saw her the most frequently, she felt, through the academic support classes. That was when Wu was easily at one of her most vulnerable states, as having to admit to failure--in this case, primarily in terms of language--was a very difficult process.

This time, however, she went to her as the Deputy Headmistress. Professor Xavier, she imagined, would not have the authority to help her on this matter. But the extra level of slight comfort with the female professor was a definite bonus. It made her fingers twitch a little less as they knocked lightly against the door.

Once she was inside the office, Peizhi took a deep breath and sat down. She looked less ragged than she had the previous time she had been here. In fact, there was almost an air of happiness to her. After all, Laila still wanted to be her friend and, while Wu was skeptical of the following sentiment, still had hopes that even Jax would want her back someday. That was, she thought, a positive.

“I hope this is an acceptable time,” she began nervously, noting the general business the beginning of the school year often brought with it. “I am sorry to bother you… again. I wanted to ask about… electives. Specifically,” she went on after a pause. This was the big question. “...if there is anyway I could take Muggle Studies without it showing on my reports. My father…” The Teppenpaw bit her lip. She did not know how to further explain without painting the man in a bad light, although something told her Professor Skies would understand, both from her relative boldness about his negative attributes in their last meeting of this nature, and from simple context of the conversation at hand. “But I want to learn,” she concluded with a quiet strength that felt entirely new, borrowed, perhaps, from a friend.

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      • What if, indeed....Wu Peizhi, Tue Oct 11 19:33
        A small smile found her. Professor Skies being “pleased” with her was easily the closest thing to praise from an adult that Wu was likely to encounter, and it felt… nice. Of course, she supposed she... more
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          • Oh, naturally!Wu Peizhi, Wed Nov 2 02:27
            Wu felt her grin expanding as Deputy Headmistress Skies spoke. Her words began almost like a reprimandation, but her tone was very much… not that. And the little hints were becoming more and more... more
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