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Professor Skies
What if something mysterious were to happen to your records?
Mon Oct 10, 2016 20:29

Selina was sifting through all the paperwork that a new term inevitably brought when there was a knock at her door. She swept the stack into a drawer and took a deep breath before calling the person to come in. She was glad to have taken the few moments to have cultivated an air of not doing much, as the student in question seemed hesitant and apologetic enough about interrupting her, even with an empty desk in front of her. Wu had been to see her once before, and she remembered how difficult that had seemed for the girl. Often, by the time they came to see Professors, something was a real problem - one that was difficult to get out. Selina didn’t want to put any barriers up between her and the students. An air of not caring, or that they were interrupting more important work would be such a barrier. And it was silly. A student in distress was immediately number one on her to do list.

“You’re welcome any time,” she commented, the remark sufficing both Wu’s half-question of whether it was a good time and her apology for bothering her. She listened carefully to Wu’s dilemma, and her heart went out to the girl. What a nice thing to want. A good thing to want… To expand her horizons.

“I’m pleased to hear you want to take that class,” she smiled. “Let me think…” She would love a way for students to be able to take the class without it being known. She didn’t think that Wu was the only one who might be willing to explore but for the fear of parental repercussions. But she didn’t think attempting to make it easier for students to keep that kind of secret would fly with the rather conservative school board. She couldn’t think of any changes that she could make to Wu’s records…. Even if she put the class down simply as ‘elective’ or ‘extra credit,’ Wu would have to answer what it was she had taken. Officially, she didn’t think she could do much to help… Students could sometimes help themselves or each other, where as a staff member, her hands were tied… As a student in Wu’s position, what would she have done? She went to the cabinet in the corner, taking out an old school report. The format was fairly simple. A page written by each class teacher about the student and their progress in the subject.

“I don’t know what I could do…” she mused. As she did so, she let a leaf slip from the file. “Oh bother, could you pick that up for me?” she asked. “Thank you,” she added, as the girl handed it back to her. “Gosh… Where does it go? These pages aren’t even numbered. If I hadn’t seen it fall out, I wouldn’t even know it was missing” she glanced at Wu over the top of the papers, trying to gauge her reaction. Had she noticed the significance, or was she too busily wrapped up in the problem, waiting for the Deus Ex Machina of an adult helping hand?

  • Intruding once more [Tag: Prof. Skies]Wu Peizhi, Mon Oct 10 15:02
    What a little pest was she. Only a day back and already, Wu was knocking on staff doors. As it had been before, she went to Professor Skies. Last time, it had been a matter of comfort: not that her... more
    • What if something mysterious were to happen to your records? — Professor Skies, Mon Oct 10 20:29
      • What if, indeed....Wu Peizhi, Tue Oct 11 19:33
        A small smile found her. Professor Skies being “pleased” with her was easily the closest thing to praise from an adult that Wu was likely to encounter, and it felt… nice. Of course, she supposed she... more
        • For a moment, Wu was looking at her with confusion, and Selina felt her heart sink. She knew it was chancy, leaving something up to subtext for someone who wasn’t having the conversation in their... more
          • Oh, naturally!Wu Peizhi, Wed Nov 2 02:27
            Wu felt her grin expanding as Deputy Headmistress Skies spoke. Her words began almost like a reprimandation, but her tone was very much… not that. And the little hints were becoming more and more... more
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