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Wu Peizhi
What if, indeed....
Tue Oct 11, 2016 19:33

A small smile found her. Professor Skies being “pleased” with her was easily the closest thing to praise from an adult that Wu was likely to encounter, and it felt… nice. Of course, she supposed she shouldn’t have been surprised. Professor Skies was a very nice woman, and she had been so supportive--even outside of pureblood lines and Peizhi’s father’s wishes--the last time they had spoken like this. It was a happy change of pace for the Teppenpaw to feel like she was doing something right.

The Professor produced someone’s report from a cabinet and paged through it. The tone in which she spoke was… strange? and she clearly dropped a page on purpose. Wu picked it up and handed it back, and Professor Skies kept talking, her tone still off somehow. “If I hadn’t seen it fall out, I wouldn’t even know it was missing.” And then she was looking at her.

Why was she looking at her? The fourth year’s expression was decidedly one of confusion, but in a moment, it changed dramatically as a possible realization rocked through her. “Are you saying I should hide the page?” It was a blunt question, one probably better left unasked, but Peizhi had to be certain that she was reading this situation correctly. She didn’t know a more tactful, subtle way to ask, either; language barriers had the tendency to force bluntness. Still, she looked up at the Deputy Headmistress, who was quite possibly suggesting hiding files from her father, with sparkling brown eyes and a cautiously optimistic grin.

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    • What if, indeed.... — Wu Peizhi, Tue Oct 11 19:33
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